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How do I keep my Hardwood Floor from Discoloring?

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Restaurant HardwoodRestaurant exotic hardwood decking and flooring naturally discolors as it ages. This discoloration is called a patina and the changes can be so subtle that they are unnoticeable. The rate of color change will depend on the type of wood as each species has different characteristics.

While some people enjoy this new look, others may search for ways to prevent it from happening. The main causes of hardwood discoloration are results of exposure to direct sunlight or certain chemicals. Here are some ways you can prevent your hardwood floor from discoloring.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

It is never a good idea to use a water soaked mop or towel because this can wear down the wood’s finish. If the finish is worn down and the wood is covered in water, it can leave behind a dark stain. Also avoid using ammonia-based cleaners as this can react with the wood and change the color.

Be Careful With Rugs

If you use rugs on your hardwood floors, purchase ones without the rubber backing. The rubber backing reacts chemically with the wood and can distort the color. To prevent this from happening, purchase specialized rugs that do not have this type of backing.

Keep Out of Sunlight

The biggest contributor or wood discoloration is sunlight. Make sure that the wood is not in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Some wood changes color faster than others when exposed to the sunlight, as fast as a couple of months. In order to combat this change, move your furniture and rugs around periodically. If you wait too long to move the furniture, the wood will not look uniform in color. You can also change the direction of your blinds so they point upward and away from your floors.

Finish Types

The type of finish that is applied to your exotic hardwood flooring can also make the wood change colors. If an oil-modified finish was used, the wood will age into a shade of amber. Water-based finishes will have little effect on the wood’s discoloration and are the best choice to use.

Some people enjoy the color change that comes with the aging of wood while others may look for ways to prevent it. Either way, it is best to take the best care of your exotic hardwood floors by keeping it out of the sun and regularly maintaining them.

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July 10, 2014

Build with a Hardwood Floor

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7- McCaffrey ResidenceAs an interior custom made, I have the privilege of working with people in all the stages associated with designing in addition to building your house of his or her dreams. I cannot imagine a more satisfactory job because I can hardly delay to get out of bed each day to go to work. I enjoy helping men and women talk via and help make decisions around the big and also the small regions of designing in addition to creating your house that is best for these. There are simply anybody searching for that I insist upon in the building practice, but using a hardwood floor at the least somewhere in your house I is not going to compromise with.

I feel that adding any hardwood floorboards or a pair of into your house plans is amongst the best items that future property owners can carry out. Why? Simply because nothing gives beauty, uniqueness and a level associated with class such as adding any hardwood floor into a home. Most of us have been within homes that will boast beautiful hardwood floor surfaces, so everybody knows what it feels like and looks like to put that kind of beauty in addition to elegance into a home.

There are various great strategies to add any hardwood floor in the plans of the dream home. Many people elect to put any hardwood floor in entryway, kitchen and dining room of their apartment plans. This is often a great idea since it really makes a terrific first effect to all people that enters your house. It allows individuals to see you really worth your living space and you cared enough to set a wood floor floor where many of your guests could well be and where much of your family members time could well be spent.

Another great spot to include any hardwood floorboards into your home plans is always to the master bedroom suite. Nothing gives elegance in addition to class into a master suite like plans for the hardwood floorboards. We’ve all held it’s place in master suites that feel a bit like any kids room as they are covered with carpet that will you’ll discover throughout the rest of the home. Perhaps the better choice is always to set your master suite apart another solution hardwood floor throughout the room and also the bathroom. This means your room feels unique and sacred by the end of a lengthy day.

You can find so several choices for as well as a wood floor into your home plans, I’m unsure where do you start or tips on how to end. Just understand that a wood floor is an excellent addition in order to any residence plan and this it might be budgeted in to your plans with ease.

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May 28, 2014