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The Five Most Amazing Basement Renovations Ever

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If your basement looks like a dungeon, then you know that it’s time for some refurbishment. Space is precious, and you should make full use of it. Some people have magically transformed their basements to something unimaginable. Some recent East York home renovations experts have done some impressive transformations. They have changed their idle basement into a heaven where family members and guests love to spend time.

Here are five fantastic basement renovations.

  1. The basement is turned into a multipurpose space. Here you can play, watch TV, relax, gossip, or even use it as a home office. The overall design of the house was classic, but the basement has a modern style. This opposing blend looked impressive. White paint was used to lighten up the basement, and wooden strips were used to hide ductwork or structural posts. Parents can use it as a home office to take care of their kids even while they worked. Architect Bruce Wentworth designed the basement.
  2. A wet and cramped basement are transformed into a pleasant place by architect Ryan Duebber. The basement now can be used as a laundry room. There are a bar-kitchenette and a bathroom with steam shower. The exposed rafters are all turned black. It goes well with the contemporary style of the house. A metal wall is used to mark a separation between the living space and the utility are of the basement.
  3. Designers Erin Davis and Jenny Guggenheim transformed a useless basement into a family-friendly room. It has a game area, a TV area, bedroom, bathroom and even a kitchenette. You can prepare snacks during movie or game time. There is a table by the window that you can use to play board games.
  4. Interior designer Kyle Schuneman came up with a brilliant basement idea. He included mahogany bookcases for display and storage. There is sitting arrangement for gossiping with family and friends or spending some quiet time. It has a powder room with many barber shop mirrors. It’s a beautiful gateway to dress up and do your makeup as well. The mirrors also look very artistic.
  5. Builder Steve Kuhl turned a dull basement into something fun. There is a spiral tube slide that takes you to the basement from your house. You can climb and down the wall like a rock climber. There is a golf simulator shed as well. So, you can do lots of fun activities in your basement without the need to go outside.

All these designs required a lot of creative thinking. The designs you choose for your basement renovations in East York will reflect your personal taste and preference. Not all people would like to use the basement as a relaxing place. Many would prefer it to be something useful, like an office room or a laundry room.

When renovating your basement, you should make sure that it complements with the design of your whole house. Talk to the East York basement renovations experts for some professional advice.

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July 21, 2016

Partnering With the Right Flat Roofing Contractor in Calgary

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The value and lifespan that you will get from your flat roof majorly depends on the roofing company that you choose to partner with during its installation, repair, and maintenance. So never go for any Calgary Roofing service; instead partner with a reputed specialist. If you want to get the most from your flat roofing project, consider the following factors:

Track Record

Even Company that claims to be specialists in flat roofs may not have the enough experience to work on your roof. To ensure that you land a good company for your project, ask and review some of the past projects that the company has completed before. You can also speak with some of their past clients to gauge the type of services they received.

Consult a Professional

When you call a calgary roofing company, insist to speak with a professional who knows what is involved in flat roofing and who understands the type of flat roof you are interested in. Again, ensure that you get the right answers for your questions. If your concerns are plausibly answered, you can go ahead and partner with the company. However, if you notice something unusual, it is important to look elsewhere.

Ensure You Are Protected

To avoid paying for someone else’s liabilities, it is essential to ask for written warranties for both the materials and the workmanship involved before your project commences. Ask for a proof of their insurance as well as the company’s safety policies so as to safeguard your family, customers, staff, and property.

Know the Actual People who Will Work on Your Project

Endeavor to hire a flat roofing company with full-time roofing professionals. Avoid roofing companies that hire workers for every project that they win.

Get a Clear Tender Specification and Estimate

The roofing contractor that you choose to partner with should be in a position to supply you with a valid and complete tender specification, budget estimate, and clear scheduling for your roofing project. Remember, a proper flat roofing estimate can never be done if your roof is not inspected and analyzed.

Bottom Line

Although the process of choosing a good flat roofing company may appear daunting, especially when you are doing it for the first time, the cost saving benefits and the peace of mind that you stand to enjoy when you land the right company will more than compensate for the time and resources you used in your search. Calgary Roofing Services is a reputed roofing company in Calgary with a solid record of excellence and professionalism. We pride ourselves of the capability to always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients have quality and durable roofs over their heads. For any issue related to flat roofing in Calgary, feel free to call us or fill a form in our website for a free and no obligation estimate or advice.

March 22, 2016

Build with a Hardwood Floor

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7- McCaffrey ResidenceAs an interior custom made, I have the privilege of working with people in all the stages associated with designing in addition to building your house of his or her dreams. I cannot imagine a more satisfactory job because I can hardly delay to get out of bed each day to go to work. I enjoy helping men and women talk via and help make decisions around the big and also the small regions of designing in addition to creating your house that is best for these. There are simply anybody searching for that I insist upon in the building practice, but using a hardwood floor at the least somewhere in your house I is not going to compromise with.

I feel that adding any hardwood floorboards or a pair of into your house plans is amongst the best items that future property owners can carry out. Why? Simply because nothing gives beauty, uniqueness and a level associated with class such as adding any hardwood floor into a home. Most of us have been within homes that will boast beautiful hardwood floor surfaces, so everybody knows what it feels like and looks like to put that kind of beauty in addition to elegance into a home.

There are various great strategies to add any hardwood floor in the plans of the dream home. Many people elect to put any hardwood floor in entryway, kitchen and dining room of their apartment plans. This is often a great idea since it really makes a terrific first effect to all people that enters your house. It allows individuals to see you really worth your living space and you cared enough to set a wood floor floor where many of your guests could well be and where much of your family members time could well be spent.

Another great spot to include any hardwood floorboards into your home plans is always to the master bedroom suite. Nothing gives elegance in addition to class into a master suite like plans for the hardwood floorboards. We’ve all held it’s place in master suites that feel a bit like any kids room as they are covered with carpet that will you’ll discover throughout the rest of the home. Perhaps the better choice is always to set your master suite apart another solution hardwood floor throughout the room and also the bathroom. This means your room feels unique and sacred by the end of a lengthy day.

You can find so several choices for as well as a wood floor into your home plans, I’m unsure where do you start or tips on how to end. Just understand that a wood floor is an excellent addition in order to any residence plan and this it might be budgeted in to your plans with ease.

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May 28, 2014

Tiny Home Builders

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Building A Tiny Home

Small HouseWhen you do any research on tiny home builders, you will be graced with some really interesting facts, information, advice, and experiences. You’ll find out what this type of housing is all about, why you would want to live in one, and what they can do for you.

As the tiny living trend catches on more and more, house builders of small and very small houses are coming up with new ways of encouraging families and individuals to downsize their lives – to live in much smaller spaces.

It is very possible to construct high-standard yet affordable smaller houses. Little homes are more affordable since they use less material to construct compared to conventional homes, they cost less to live in, they take less time to maintain, and overall they use fewer resources.

The tiny home builder numbers are growing.  These companies are into tiny house design and construction. They have helped many people achieve their goals and dreams of owning a home – people and/or families that never would have been able to afford a home, as well as people that want to downsize and simplify their lives. They make the perfect starter home, a place to live for people that are environmentally conscious and for people that want a simpler life, the perfect solution for saving time and money, and a wonderful retirement home, cottage, guest house, rental property, in-law suite, or studio.

These are where you’ll find the resources to construct your own house from a pre-designed plan or you can draw up your own custom plan, and where you can find move-in-ready houses. They offer small structures that are mounted on wheels, which makes it easy to move these homes to any desired location. Or you can build one on a permanent foundation. They really are quite versatile – there is something for everyone.

Most of the packages offered include anything and everything from a really tiny living home design and instructions that can accommodate a single person or a couple, to something just a little bit larger to accommodate a small family.  There is even enough room for your pet or pets.

The design and construction of tiny houses is improving every year. As the concept becomes more and more popular, there is more input from people that are planning to build their home as well as from people that have already experienced building a small home. When you compare the plans and designs today from the ones of just a few years ago, you’ll be able to see how far they’ve come.

What is the best part of owing and living in a little place? You won’t realize just one best thing. It’s a combination of the lower cost of living, the freedom that it affords you, the lowering of stress levels, how living in one helps our environment, and how it creates a simplified lifestyle.

Simplicity is king and that’s what tiny houses offer you. Tiny home builders have taken time to understand that and many of their products have been tailored to make life.



March 8, 2014