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Dealing Effectively With Your Personal Injury Claim

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do you need a lawyer?Dealing with personal injury claims may at times prove to be an uphill task but you can successfully and effectively deal with this with the right information and knowledge. All you need to do is get tips to make your claim, dealing with your lawsuit and negotiating with the insurance company. To win your claim against an insurance company or an individual you will also need to determine whether to hire a lawyer or deal with the claim yourself.

In the case where you are hiring a lawyer, you will first need to ask him or her some important questions to help you deal with your claim. First you will need to know the lawyers’ fees.  After settlement has been made and all expenses paid out you will need to know how much you will have to pay your lawyer.  Most lawyers demand about 33% of the final settlement after all expenses have been paid out. Also you will also have to know if the truck and car accident lawyer knows the national BC transportation laws and how he will handle the claim as well as how to deal with insurance and health care companies like ICBC or CDI. You will need to know how his fees are structured and if there any other additional expenses you will incur.

Also you will need to know the experience the accident lawyers have on that particular type of injury and how many similar cases each one has handled of a similar nature.  After you determine all that you will need to select the best lawyer for your case depending on experience.

Dealing with big insurance companies can be stressful – here’s some general information we thought you would find useful as part of the learning process as told by the insurance company themselves – remember this is only one perspective:

When armed with the right information and knowledge you might consider keeping away the lawyers and making the claim on your own. However you will need to be careful to avoid making costly mistakes.  To make claim on your own you will need to know about ICBC injury claims and other information like how much they are worth and the claim process. Most insurance companies will have their adjuster record the facts on how the accident or loss occurred, they would need to know your identity and if you may have made a personal claim to any insurance company in the past. They will have you record a statement and you will need to be detailed as possible.

You will however need to be careful on the information you give to insurance company. Be as brief as possible and avoid being specific especially if you think you might be wrong.  Always be honest in your statement and it will pay off for you in the future.  For help with your ICBC claim, in the Greater Vancouver area or anywhere in British Columbia, contact Butler & Company at, and get free advice for your situation.

October 27, 2014