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All You Need To Know About Infrared BBQs

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The Infrared BBQ has become a very hot topic recently for Canadians who value the best grilling equipment to accompany their luxury homes in Toronto and other high-value real estate markets across the country. While many home owners still prefer their traditional wood-fired or charcoal BBQ smokers. Today there are still some of the best barbecues that run on charcoal as the source or heat or electric grills, the more modern invention in regards to grilling is associated with the Infrared BBQ.

The Basics On The Infrared BBQ

It may sound strange, but a variety of restaurants today already use infrared in their barbeques. The barbeque infrared grills are permanent fixtures in these restaurants and today they have made their way forwards into residential markets. In fact, more and more consumers have made the decision to switch over to the infrared BBQ to replace their old electric and charcoal BBQs.

The infrared BBQ grills are more expensive than the traditional grills, dependent on the size that you choose. In fact the infrared BBQs cost a couple of hundred dollars more than the standard grills, so you may be thinking why you would want to part with your hard earned cash for such an expensive device?

Well the infrared BBQ is regarded as a worthwhile investment for a number of reasons. For starters infrared has been in use in the cooking world for many years already. Manufacturers decided to take infrared use to the next level in the way of integrating its functions in association to barbecuing.

One of the best grills on the market today is from Fire Magic – here’s a chef demonstrating this brand:

Why You Should Consider The Infrared BBQ

When using the infrared BBQ you save a lot more time in regards to preparing your food. This is due to the fact that food cooks a lot quicker when compared to the traditional barbeques. In addition, infrared is recognized as a way to cook food in regards to fine dining, which allows you the freedom of not having to mess around with burning charcoal so you can keep the cooking experience simple and clean.

Research has indicated that meat cooked with the use of infrared grills is more tender and juicer which can mean that the food you decide to grill is of higher quality once it is cooked. This is fantastic news as you are able to achieve a perfectly cooked meal in a shorter time frame. Some of the smokers and grills are known for ruining food, particularly when your fire is out of control. What this really means is that barbecuing is actually a skill that needs to be learnt, while the infrared griller does not require any knowledge or skills.

It may be the actual temperature that the infrared grill achieves that provides the satisfaction of meat that is cooked to perfection. The grill on the infrared BBQ cooks your food between 400 and 900 degrees, while a standard electric or charcoal grill cooks food between 700 and 750 degrees. It is known fact that knowing the duration needed to cook food is what ultimately arrives in the final quality of the food. This is the reason why a charcoal grill is in many cases unpredictable when it comes to cooking your meat to perfection.

The Infrared BBQ Looks Appealing

With the appeal of stainless steel along with a lot more space provided to grill, you will probably really enjoy the visual appeal of this particular gadget. It may appear to look like a regular cooking appliance for the outdoors, but it comes with a lot more style. The Infrared BBQ is the ideal choice for the homeowner that enjoys a hassle-free and clean cooking experience on the holidays or weekends. One of the other appealing factors is that there is no need to burn charcoal or wood which is a more environmentally friendly choice. ┬áConsider your next top-end grill from Fire Magic Grills Toronto – they’ve been leading the way with extreme quality BBQ’s for years now, and Toronto Canada area residents love the results. ┬áCheck them out at,

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May 16, 2017