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Japanese Restaurant

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If so, please be specific. Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, etc. Thanks. What I found out was – Japanese Restaurants in Fairbanks, Alaska Myong’s Teriyaki (907) 452-5560 402 5th Ave Fairbanks, AK Japanese Restaurants in Anchorage, Alaska Arigato Japanese Restaurant (907) 561-4510 3315 Spenard Rd Anchorage, AK Ichiban Japanese Restaurant (907) 563-6333 2488 E Tudor Rd Anchorage, AK Kaze Restaurant (907) 276-2215 930 W 5th Ave Anchorage, AK Kumagoro 1 (907) 272-9905 533 W 4th Ave Anchorage, AK Saoy Teriyaki House (907) 522-2244 1111 E Dimond Blvd Anchorage, AK Sushi Garden (907) 345-4686 1120 Huffman Rd Anchorage, AK Tempura Kitchen Inc (907) 277-2741 3826 Spenard Rd Anchorage, AK Tokyo Garden (907) 770-6227 550 W Tudor Rd Anchorage, AK Yamato Ya Japanese Restaurant (907) 561-2128 3700 Old Seward Hwy Anchorage, AK Japanese Restaurants in Juneau Twin Lake Cafe 3239 Hospital Dr Juneau, AK zip code Phone: (907) 586-0124

You can read more about this place on Tofugu. Com. I know it’s been a while since Cat. . .

May 31, 2014

Luxor Restaurants

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Do the rooms provide microwave,fridge,drinking water or we need to ask for the room service for these things at additional cost? Also are there any extra/hidden costs or charges during the stay, like for baggage,internet,tea/coffee/juice,breakfast?Also can any one find vegetarian food at the restaurants in Luxor. Today I found out that… The rooms at the Luxor do not include micro/fridge or water for free. They will be provided at an extra charge. No coffee maker in room either but if you’re gambling you can order any beverage 24hrs in the casino and tip the server. Internet is also an extra charge. As far as vegetarian food – I really can’t recall but you could call them and ask or do a menu search for their restaurants online. Of course there is always the salad bar on the buffet but there are so many great restaurants in vegas you shouldn’t have a problem even if you do stay at the Luxor.

May 30, 2014

Restaurant Decor

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We want to re-paint and add new decor to our restaurant, so please help…. It is an Asian restaurant for starters. It has wooden chairs with a dark green cushion. The tables are either rectangular or square tables with white tablecloths and glass over it. The tablecloth color can change according to the design. Walls are just blank with a strip of “molding” running across the middle (it looks like crown molding but your the center of your wall not the edges). We also need new colors for the men and women restroom (they are two different rooms). I hope this is good information. I was happy to learn… Choosing a color really depends on what mood you want your restaurant to have. . Do you want people in and out of there fast? Choose red. Do you want people to relax, enjoy their meal and linger over coffee? Choose natural colors such as greige: Here is a link for greige colors (my favorites being stone lion and woodcut) You didn’t mention what color the wood of the chairs are. Are they dark? Light? Can you post a pic of what the restaurant looks like now? That would help. As for the bathrooms, since they are common areas, in design, it is an unwritten rule that common areas have the same (or close) color as other common areas in the place to be designed. Have your bathrooms the same color as the restaurant. Just use something original on the doors to designate which is female and which is male. . How about a geisha on the door for the women? Here are some links for zen decorating, which is good for asian restaurants: I know this pic is small, but it’s my favorite. I really like this one too. this is great. %204. Jpg ‘Asiatique03. Gif Hope this helps you decide. Good luck with your restaurant.

Restaurant decor im schloss augarten lightingdesign alexander magyar by www. Illuminator. At.

May 28, 2014

Places To Eat In Los Angeles

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. Today I found out that… El Tepeyac Cafe (323) 267-8668 812 N Evergreen Ave Los Angeles, CA Family tradition for decades, the burritos are the best and largest I have seen. Everything on the menu is great. Paul’s Kitchen (323) 724-1855 1950 S Atlantic Blvd Monterey Park, C (213) 749-5004 1012 S San Pedro St Los Angeles Another family tradition for decades, the best Cantonese around. Shin Peking Restaurant 213) 381-3003 3101 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles The best fried shrimp in hot sauce, very interesting menu reflecting the Korean/Chinese owners, excellent cuisine. Philippe’s (213) 628-3781 1001 N Alameda St Los Angeles Another tradition a Los Angeles landmark and the best french dipped sandwich anywhere. Clifton’s Cafeteria (213) 627-1673 648 S Broadway Los Angeles Another loved family tradition.

May 27, 2014

Sizzler Restaurant

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I heard that some sizzler’s have muslim managers which will provide halal meat upon special request, but im not sure if it’s true. Apart from that is it okay to eat the fish and chips? People say that it is beer battered so im not too sure. I was so glad to find this — Go to the Sizzler site, and click on the Contact Us button. You can write and ask if there are any such menu options. The fish and chips are not beer battered as a general rule, but there is a huge range of food for you to choose from. Take a look at the menus.

May 27, 2014

Restaurants In Boston

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We are going away on a honeymoon in a couple weeks and leaving out of Boston and coming back into Boston on a thursday. We were thinking about going out to a nice dinner or something while we are in Boston that night we come back and maybe crash somewhere cheap. We are from CT and have not seen uch of Boston and we love really good food, any suggestions. I was happy to learn… Well if you’re looking for good Italian food, go to the North End. It’s very romantic. Pretty much every restaurant there is good (there are over 30 of them). I’ve been to Fiore, Strega, Mamma Maria, Massimino’s, etc. They are all delicious. If you ask anyone in Boston where to go for good food, they will say the North End. Top of the Hub has the best view in Boston and good food as well. It’s located at the top of the Prudential Center and overlooks Boston. Sorellina is very good It’s Steak/Italian. Flemings is great for steak. Here’s a list of the top 10 budget hotels from City Search: Have a great trip..

May 26, 2014

How you can Start an Indian Restaurant Business

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indian foodThe best ways to start an Indian restaurant food business? To begin the Indian bistro business you should be educated about all assortments of meals that compose Indian food. If you are not a native Indian you should have a brief review. There should be at a minimum 2 major types of foods. The rice and bread are instances for these products.

The garam masala is assumed as the back bone of Indian dishes. The cold, tamarind, ghee, mustard etc are instances for it. There are wide kinds of garam masalas made use of by different dining establishments or households. You will certainly have to select a variety depending upon how you would certainly like your food to be.

The Indian food is not only tasty however additionally healthy. The fruits as well as veggies play a major role in Indian Cuisine so can add a healthy and balanced aspect.

A lot of food needed in Indian food is fairly conveniently offered. You could quickly locate them in markets.

Involving Indian dining establishments, you need to understand pertaining to the South Indian as well as North Indian recipes in India. The principal food product in North India is the wheat. However the main food product in South India is the rice. In the present, the south Indian dishes play a main function to bring in immigrants to India. The meals items in Kerala have a major grip in south Indian meals items. When you are starting your restaurant, you will really want o choose your food and cook

Indian wood furniture is available for a broad assortment of usages. The furniture is available for each room in your house, right from the bed room, the drawing area to the children’s play room. Indian wood furnishings is additionally readily available for dining establishments – enabling you to include a quaint touch to your particular bistro. Likewise, Indian bistro furnishings includes the much required touch of Asian art to particular bistros and bars.

Providing a dining establishment or a bar is more hard than a residence, since it is a commercial worry and the furnishings ought to not just fit the customer’s demands and be comfy for the individuals, but it ought to also interest the consumers in a certain method. Indian bistro furnishings comprises of several items of furnishings, like the honeycomb wine rack, the wood bar stool, the most elegant seating found, as well as monitors and other decorations to improve the feel and look of the dining establishment, and also to appreciate the privacy of the customers. There are additionally numerous attractive home furnishings, like the big urn, etc that contribute to the result of a real Indian bistro.

Retail bistro furnishings is offered for all type of dining establishments, be it a large banquet hall or a tiny hotel or a quite small eatery. Each of these facilities has their own needs and Indian wood furniture satisfies them. Inexpensive wood resort furnishings is also readily available, for those that are establishing an eating establishment on a spending plan.

Authentic Indian furnishings is a initial and uncommon art, and the individuals readying it are genuine experienced artisans with experience and talent. Indian wood furniture could be readied from assorted types of timber and material, and just the appropriate kind of product will certainly include the much needed ambiance and style to the Indian bistro.

You need to apply a Proper Business Plan to start an Indian dining establishment.

Carry out an effective restaurant business strategy. There are two factors for this –

If you require finance for any kind of factor they will certainly ask you for a company plan
You will desire a road map of where you are going to.

To plan a successful bistro company you will require to make certain you have your finance or cash in spot. The business strategies must team up with your monetary durability.

The final consideration is the existing market. You need to be extremely aware of a present advertising and marketing demands. The Indian bistro company decisions you apply should achieve the client needs and also be something you could give.

There are numerous various other techniques and insight you will certainly require to begin an Indian Restaurant, you will certainly intend to make certain you are prepared to open up an Indian Restaurant prior to you even begin intending any component of it. Read as long as you could to make on your own well readied to succeed.

For patrons venturing to BC in the White Rock and Surrey areas, check out the popular Indian restaurant – Curry Sensation –

May 26, 2014

French Restaurants

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Is there any authentic French restaurants in Pondy. Well, I have your answer. A kaleidoscope of cultures, the Union Territory of Pondicherry has plenty to offer the people who take a trip to its precincts. While Pondicherry will charm you with its natural extravaganza and mesmerize you with its other attractions, it is sure to bowl you over its excellent inventory of culinary delicacies. Having originated from myriad parts of the world, the heritage and love of food is deeply rooted in the people of the territory of Pondicherry. Demonstrating this talent and heritage are the numerous Restaurants in Pondicherry. Among the many famous dining joints in the Union Territory of Pondicherry is the Le Club Restaurant in Pondicherry. Located on the famous Dumas Street in Pondicherry, the Le Club Restaurant in Pondicherry is a famed French restaurant. Serving up any of the renowned French delicacies, the Le Club Restaurant in Pondicherry is also known for its authentic food. It is said that the Le Club Restaurant in Pondicherry rustles up its specialties with the dedication of creating a work of art. Accompanying the food is any really good drinks and a whole choice of cocktails too. A property of the Alliance Française, the Le Club Restaurant in Pondicherry is also reputed for its hospitality and service. The ambience of the Le Club Restaurant in Pondicherry is downright colonial and retains much of that old world grandeur. Done up mostly in whites, the Le Club Restaurant in Pondicherry has an all-Indian staff, well versed even in French. The Le Club Restaurant in Pondicherry is open between 07:30 am and 09:30 am in the morning; 12:00 pm and 02:00 pm in the afternoon and again between 07:00 pm and 10 pm in the evening for dinner. Also, while dining at the Le Club Restaurant in Pondicherry, you can savor your food to the beats of melodious Caribbean music.

En 2010, la gastronomie française est entrée au Patrimoine mondial de l’Humanité. Derrière ce prestige se cache pourtant une réalité moins avouable. Aujourd’. . .

May 25, 2014

Madison Wi Restaurants

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What are any cool restaurants in Madison, WI? I’m talking something out of the ordinary; like the HuHot where they make the frozen food you prepared right in front of you. Basically… Ella’s Deli (Where E. Johnson St. Meets E. Washington Ave. ) – Not a bad deli, but definitely worth a visit for the sheer volume of whimsical doo-dads, gimcracks, and thing-a-ma-jigs moving, dinging, and twirling around the palce. Takara (State St. , between Gorham and Johnson)) and Ginzu of Tokyo (Odana Rd. , just off of Gammon Rd. ): You mentioned “food made in front of you”, so these are the places to go for theatrical hibachi. Ian’s Pizza (Frances St. , between University Ave. And Dayton Ave. , or State St. Just off the Captiol square): By far the most original pizza in town, with such options as the Reuben, Chicken Pot Pie, Guacamole Burrito, Chili Cheese Frito, and the hugely popular Mac & Cheese. Yes, all those options I mentioned are PIZZAS. Buraka (State St. , about a block away from the UW Campus): Because how often are you going to get the chance to enjoy East African cuisine? Library Mall Food Carts (at the West end of State St. ): If you’re free during lunch, definitely stop by Library Mall on the east side of the UW campus. Only the carts deemed the Best of the Best get this primo real estate during lunchtime. Hubbard Ave. Diner (Just off Hubbard Ave. And Parmenter St. In Middleton, WI), or Monty’s Blue Plate (Where Atwood Ave. Meets Eastwood Dr. ): Diner atmospheres with over-achieving diner food. Best pie in all of the Madison area (IMHO). Mickie’s Dairy Bar: (On the intersection of Monroe and Regent, across the street from UW’s football stadium) 1950’s diner with the single best breakfast values in terms of pound of food per dollar. Saturday atmosphere is beyond compare. Closes on Mondays, and at 2 PM daily.

A unique Mexican restaurant that delivers flavors by utilizing a variety of chiles and spices not found in your typical mexican restaurant.

May 24, 2014

Breakfast Restaurant

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I’m wondering what any restaurants with great breakfast menus are. From what I can tell… Well, there are the classics such as Denny’s, Ihop, Cracker Barrel, Shoney’s, and and Village Inn and Waffle House. These are all good and super cheap. However, if you want superior brekasfasts, come to these restaurants.. The Waysider — Tuscaloosa, Ala. The lines are long, and the service is perpetually overwhelmed, but the Waysider offers a subtle red-eye gravy and the most straight-up cheese grits in the free world. 1512 Greensboro Avenue; 205-345-8239 Read more: #ixzz0YY8zKjZc Stoby’s — Conway, Ark. The corned-beef hash comes out perfectly round and at least as good. Also, the homemade strawberry preserves for the biscuits come in a squeeze bottle. Somehow, it works. 805 Donaghey Avenue; 501-327-5447, stobys. Com Read more: #ixzz0YY966ZVw Boulette’s Larder — San Francisco, Calif. I always get the perfect seat and don’t have to ask twice for coffee. I don’t know if it was deliberate on their part, but the community table in the open kitchen makes good on its promise by seating 11, so it can’t be all twosomes. The chef is Amaryll Schwertner, who studied neuroscience before turning to cooking. She makes the classics, but she proves that breakfast isn’t routine with preparations that sound fancy but are worshipful of the flavors of breakfast: hot beignets with yogurt and rosemary-scented raspberry sauce; ricotta with coffee-poached dates, pistachios, and sunflower honey; and poached eggs with Dungeness crab, sesame oil, and Japanese sea salt. — Francine Maroukian 1 Ferry Building Marketplace; 415-399-1155, bouletteslarder. Com Read more: #ixzz0YY9C6nVD The Breakfast King — Denver, Colo. The waitresses call the regulars by name, guys like Vic and Lou, as in “No lotto ticket today, Lou?” They come for the country-fried steak, smothered in sausage gravy and so tender you can cut it with your fork. Read more: #ixzz0YY9JzBUq Thumbs Up Diner — Atlanta, Ga. The Heap comes in its own skillet. Spuds. Onions. Cheddar jack. Green peppers. Two eggs. Two slices of bacon. The Heap warms the soul. Especially when you add a quarter bottle of Tabasco. 1617 White Way; 404-768-3776 Read more: #ixzz0YY9S3QRU Hamburg Inn No. 2 — Iowa City, Iowa The original burned down, but the Inn lives on through second-generation owner and professional clown Dave Panther. Dishes like the Hawkeye Hog (eggs, sausage, hash browns, cheese, gravy) exhibit the kind of nasty glory that hones the famous midwestern physique. — Jennifer Wilson 214 North Linn Street; 319-337-5512, hamburginn. Com Read more: #ixzz0YY9XJHUq Ann Sather — Chicago, Ill. Were it not for Ann Sather’s restaurants, I’d know nothing about Swedish cooking. Actually, I still know almost nothing, except that the Swedes evidently like turkey necks. But the only food that matters at Ann Sather is its spectacular cinnamon buns, the size of a baby’s head. They’re the backbone of the business, a local legend, more beloved at Chicago offices than any box of flaccid doughnuts. It is a great and simple truth: This is what happiness is. Sugar. Flour. Spice. And butter. — Ted Allen Four locations in Chicago; annsather. Com Read more: #ixzz0YY9dXrHJ Manny’s — Chicago, Ill. If you know the real Chicago, you know Manny’s Coffee Shop and Deli. You knew it when Jefferson Street and Roosevelt Road were gritty stretches of schmatte shops and dress boutiques southwest of the Loop. Now, if you really know Chicago, you knew Manny’s back when it was Sunny’s, before the Raskin family bought the joint in 1942 and figured they’d save money buying just two letters instead of a whole new sign. If not, no matter. It’s the same as ever, that certain kind of cafeteria-style Jewish deli that will never go out of (or into) style. Fluorescent lights and Formica tables. Cops, tradesmen, and local pols. Plastic trays and blistering-hot coffee. And, of course, great steaming piles of scrambled eggs and potato pancakes. — Ted Allen 1141 South Jefferson Street; 312-939-2855, mannysdeli. Com Read more: #ixzz0YY9hMkSG Those are just a couple.. Mmmm, Breakfast.. Hoep this helped..

Breakfast in Chicago always includes the Ann Sather’s Restaurant. With a Swedish influenced menu, the restaurant serves up freshly baked cinnamon rolls, swed. . .

May 22, 2014

Restaurant Decor

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I have homework to do , and im rather confused. I need to produce a questionnaire to give to people. This should have what decor and service’s the restaurant should have but I cannot think of any ideas to put down . any help please. Essentially — Decor: For dinner, would you prefer formal or informal decor? Do you like low voltage lighting or a fully lit restaurant? Do you like a candle on your table? Do you prefer a plastic coated menu or paper menus? Do you prefer to sit at a table or a booth? Do you prefer to drink out of glasses or plastic? Do you enjoy outdoor dining? Do you like to hear soft music while you dine or current favorites on the radio? Do you prefer linen napkins or paper napkins? Do you like tablecloths or place matts or neither? Do you like intimate dining? Would you prefer a water or mountain window view? Do you like rustic decor or refined paintings? This should get you started on the decor end of your questionnaire. Good Luck

Mexican Restaurant make over and re-decoration by No Mas. Productions, Atlanta Georgia.

May 22, 2014

Atlantic City Restaurants

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Hello. Me and my friend are going to ac, we are not old enough to do most things:/ so besides shopping, do you know of any teen clubs, fun restaurants, or anywhere we can go dance?? Basically fun night time things to do. Please and thank you. And so today I found out that… Atlantic City for Teen’s – There are all kinds of restaurants, arcades etc along the boardwalk, some have music after dark etc. The Steel Pier is always happening with young teenagers hanging out. I would checkout the Casino Game Rooms, the Quarter at the Tropicana, The Pier at Caesars, Boardwalk Arcades, etc Have fun in Atlantic City.

Discover the best fine dining experiences Atlantic City has to offer at

May 21, 2014

New York City Restaurants

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My boyfriend and I are going to New York city really soon and I wanted to know about really cool restaurants with great food. Nothing too expensive please, but anything moderately priced is good. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations. After looking around, I learned — Some of these are a little on the expensive side, but any are on the cheap side as well. These are any of those “must see” restaurants, and others are personal favorites. John’s Pizzeria – BEST pizza in the city, definitely. It’s not only pizza, their Italian style entrees are delicious as well. When I come here, I like getting the pizza with Caesar Salad Mediterraneo – We all love it in my family. It’s delicious Italian food, pasta, chicken, fish, etc. My most treasured dish is the Penne al Sugo Toscano, which is the best “pasta with meat sauce” you will ever taste. Afghan Kebab House II – very good and very under appreciated. It’s a small Afghani food restaurant but definitely worth while. It has a nice romantic atmosphere with the lights dim and several candles lit. I like the Chicken Kebabs with rice. Their rice is delicious. Jackson Hole – Obviously famous for their burgers. I’ve had better, but for any reason, everyone I know seems to just love these burgers. Totonno’s – Great pizza and Italian food. Beijing Wok – Great chinese food at a great price. I like the Sesame Chicken, Sesame Noodles, Chicken with Broccoli, Chicken Dumplings, everything is good. (the last comment is extremely exaggerated. I mean, this isn’t much of a restuarant, there are only about four tables, but it’s good for ordering/takeout)

Download Link : MICHELIN Guide New York City 20. . .

May 20, 2014

Ottawa Restaurants

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. I was happy to learn… SOCIAL restaurant & lounge – French and Mediterranean fusion cuisine, in the Market. Site has menu, restaurant, tour, menu and contact information. • Trattoria Italia – Spectacular dining in an atmosphere patrons have come to love, keeps families and couples returning to Trattoria Italia time and time again. Established in 1981, Trattoria Italia’s reputation for creating and serving only the best food in its magnificent dining lounge and cosy café has been recognized by the Ontario Restaurant Association. • Buffalo Charlie’s Bar & Grill – offers fun, festive, casual dining for both adults and kids. Specialties include generous sized Buffalo burgers, fresh pasta, stone hearthed baked pizza, rotisserie chicken and a variety of finger foods. Your first order of Buffalo Chips is on the house. Join us for Charlie’s extensive Sunday Brunch on our outdoor patio. • Shafali. Com – Ottawa Indian Cuisine – Indian cuisine restaurant and store. Menu, directions, reviews, recipes, contact details and web links are provided. • Ho Ho Chinese Food Restaurant – Family restaurant serving Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine. Site provides restaurant details, location information and link to newspaper review • Meditheo – Medithéo Mediterranean Restaurant and Bar, located in the heart of Ottawa’s Byward Market cooks up tantalizing noveau-Mediterranean cuisine at an attractive price. • Big Daddy’s Crab Shack and Oyster Bar – Two area locations specializing in cajun seafood. Includes menus, information about events and virtual tours. • Ceylonta Restaurant – Restaurant well known for Sri Lankan and South Indian Dishes in Ottawa. • Courtyard Restaurant – The Courtyard Restaurant has been providing elegant facilities for lunches, dinners and groups since 1980. Our chef blends continental fare with the finest in contemporary tastes, creating delectable menus that are designed to bring out the best in mostly all flavour. • The Lone Star Cafe – Canada’s Only Authentic Texas Restaurant • Nagina Indian Cuisine – Master Chef Jit Singh and Sukhivinder Singh, from the family of Royal Chefs in Punjab, brings the ultimate experience in Indian dining. The taste (the delicacy of spicing) so superb that appeals but not appeases the appetite, that tantalizes but not tranquilizes the taste. • Lorenzo’s Restaurants – Lorenzo’s is a dining restaurant and pizzaria that combines great tasting food with an energetic sports bar. • El Meson Restaurant – A combination of Portuguese and Spain, in a Fine restaurant. • Mangia Restaurant – Mangia offers moderately priced, Italian cuisine. This family owned and operated restaurant, located in the ByWard Market, features a wonderful selection of pizzas, pastas and desserts that are made daily on the premises. Mangia also offers succulent grilled meats, savoury seafood dishes, delectable vegetarian dishes and a wide variety of daily specials, all of course, are served in a relaxing and casual atmosphere. So please, come and enjoy the warm ambiance, friendly staff and our wonderful cuisine. • The Fish Market Restaurant Haveli Indian Restaurant – Ottawa Restaurant, Haveli is one of the most popular restaurants for fine dining… Come to Haveli’s for a taste of India now at two locations… In the Byward Market and the Village Mews Plaza close to the Corel Centre • Bistro 115 – French cuisine, in the Market. Site provides dining menus, events information, and photo gallery. • Amber Garden Restaurant – AAA/CAA rated fine dining Ottawa restaurant, serving traditional and vegetarian dishes from Poland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Czech, Slovakia and other European nations on the Amber Route. • Geraldo’s Italo Fusion Cuisine – Geraldo’s Restaurant on Beechwood Avenue in Ottawa offers three stories of refined dining in a relaxed atmosphere with soft background music by co-owner Chuck Eberley. • Cafe Spiga – Home-made style cuisine of pasta, meats and seafood, in Market. Restaurant profile, menus, reviews and contact details are provided. • Mamma Grazzi’s – Italian cuisine, in the Market. Menu and restaurant information is provided. • Vietnamese Kitchen – specializes in charcoal grilled meat and fish. Our meat and fish are lightly spiced and marinated using the different herbs. The Vietnamese Kitchen is highly recommended by local news media. –

May 18, 2014

Restaurants Reviews

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Hey folks, I am going back to China and whenever I travel, I never seem to have the best of luck finding good restaurants. I am bringing my mom, whoever doesn’t like spicy food. . So, what are the best restaurants in Shanghai and if there’s a website you know of could you provide the link? Thanks. Do you know what I found? Local Restaurants: 1221 Bao Luo Restaurant Meilongzhen Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant Western Restaurants: Da Marco Malone’s M on the Bund Sasha’s For details and address:

Today, we’re traveling through Chicago to look at any of the Windy City’s best restaurants according to the 2014 Chicago Restaurants Guide. See which spots . . .

May 16, 2014

Windsor Restaurants

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. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. The Whiskey Bar and Grill in Windsor, Ontario is the perfect place for live entertainment. This bar is the most entertaining of all of the bars and restaurants in Windsor mainly because the Piano player takes requests and the vibe is unbelievable. On their website www. Thewhiskey. Ca you can an idea for the crowd and vibe of the bar from the gallery page. The crowd at the whiskey is mixed from early 20s to up to about 50. All ages come and party together. This bar/restaurant is full of energy. The whiskey bar is located in the heart of the bar and nightclub region of downtown Windsor. You can’t miss it – it on the corner of Oulette and University. I hope you have as much fun as we did.

May 15, 2014

Kfc Restaurant

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AUSTRALIA ONLY. Discussions about KFC restaurant. Back in the early 1990’s australia tv advertice used to named it (KUNTURKEY FRIED CHICKEN) BUT know they seem to named it just K. F. C So im just wondering about the name, Course we are in australia and there is no state named Kunturkey course thats just america state name. So is this full name still exsist in australia ? Or only K. F. C ? The restaurant where they give you fried chickens. I like the name Kunturky fried chicken. Oh though I havn’t heard no one saying that name since 1990′ So all I hear is just Lets go to KFC. Instead the full name kunturky fried chicken. What you think? Australia tv advertce and people talk never say kunturky fried chicken since I recall back in 1990. PLEASE DO NOT spam/link or off topic. I want you to writen writen words to this subject i will give you good best rating for the best answered given good luck. Essentially — Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American franchise, like McDonalds. See There are two reasons the name has changed. The first is that it was too long a name to use for their advertising campaigns. Many companies shortened their name around the same time, when companies saw that advertising and branding were integral to their companies lifespan. K. F. C It is easier to pronounce and advertise on TV and billboard advertising than the full name. The other main reason is that that KFC was losing customers because people saw the word fried in the name and as we know fried food is not healthy for us. A similar thing happened with McDonald’s before they began offering healthy alternatives to their menu. So it was decided to drop the fried from the main heading and introduce a healthy looking menu item the Twister, which is still high in calories, but disguised with salad in a tortilla. Eventually a new generation has embraced KFC believing they are eating more healthy due to the clever ways of advertising which shows the nutritional info and clever wordplay such as using Fresh in the advertising. So far this has worked, however fast food will always be unhealthy due to the high content of sugar, salt and additives that they use.

May 14, 2014

Vegetarian Restaurant

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I am planing on going to England with my friend this coming summer. I have been researching some areas to visit, but I need a little help finding the best and also cheep vegetarian restaurants in England. It will be good if they were located in Manchester, London, and/or Liverpool. Several thanks. What I found out was – Vegetarian Restaurants in London: 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant 222 North End Road, West Kensington, London, W14 9NU Beatroot 92 Berwick Street, Soho, London, W1F 0QD The Bishop 25 Lordship Lane, Dulwich, London, SE22 8EW Blah Blah Blah 78 Goldhawk Road, London, W12 8HA Visit: for more london vegetarian restraunts Vegitarian Restarunts in Manchester: Zouk Manchester (Indian) Chester Street, off Oxford Road, Manchester Chaophraya (Thai) Chapel Walks, Manchester, M2 1HN Visit: for reveiws. Note – Chaophraya has recived 2 ‘Pride on Manchester Awards’. Vegitarian Restraunts in Liverpool: Everyman Theatre Restaurant, 9-11 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BH The Egg Cafe and Gallery Top Floor, 16-18 Newington, Liverpool The Green Fish Cafe 11 Upper Newington, Liverpool The Pod 137-139 Allerton Road, Liverpool L18 Visit: for more info. I hope all of this helps, but im sure you will find more results if you do a google search and check out other websites. Also the first link I gave (which i’ll put 1st in the source box) has lots of London restraunts so I recommend you have a look at that. Well thats all for me Cya.

May 13, 2014

Pizza Restaurant

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With the growing business of restaurants and food chains world over, casual dining has also grown in leaps and bounds. The casual dining at Pizza Hut serves you a wide range of pizza at affordable prices to make even simple celebrations grander. What you think about Pizza Hut Restaurant for casual dining? Share your views. And so today I found out that… I miss the Pizza Hut restaurants that have dining rooms. They have all closed in my area. I enjoy the food and sometimes I enjoy going out to eat rather than staying home and ordering take out. In fact the last time I ordered a Pizza Hut pizza I chose the pick up option so I could get a special price. When I was talking with the manager she mentioned the only dining room left open within driving distance of my house. I made a special trip over 8 miles just to visit their lunch buffet and it was excellent. Just the way I remembered it. The salad bar was good. They even had pasta and sandwiches on the menu which take a back seat to pizza at the carry out stores. The only place to get a good pizza in a restaurant these days is the local mom and pop pizzeria. I think Pizza Hut is missing a major opportunity by closing their dining rooms.

May 12, 2014

Restaurants In New York City

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. Well, I have your answer. Top hip restaurants in NYC. Asiate 80 Columbus Cir, New York, NY A plush platform for exacting French-Japanese fusion, 35 floors up. Matsuri 369 W 16th St, New York, NY Creative Japanese cooking at a sceney subterranean space in the Maritime Hotel. La Bottega 88 9TH Ave, New York, NY Brasserie looks and well-executed Italian eats at the Maritime Hotel. Riingo Restaurant 205 E 45th St, New York, NY Japanese-tinged New American at the chic Alex Hotel. Kittichai 60 Thompson St, New York, NY The city’s best Thai in a sultry, alluring dining room hidden deep inside the stylish, refined 60 Thompson Hotel. DB Bistro Moderne 55 W 44th St, New York, NY Daniel Boulud’s casual French bistro is still world-class. Mercer Kitchen 99 Prince St, New York, NY Jean-Georges’ smart French-Mediterranean in an enduringly hip Soho destination. Town 15 W 56th St, New York, NY A hard-to-find foodie mecca for artistic fare with big flavors. cc

May 11, 2014

Restaurants In New York

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Hi I’m spending 5 days in Manhattan, New York with my wife and 2 daughters and I would like any help on where is good to eat out. Both of my daughters are veggie so it will have to be somewhere that will provide steak etc for me and the missus and a good choice for my daughters. A variety of locations would be nice so we can see different parts of the city at night. Soho, Greenwich Village, Broadway, Central Park etc. Is there a restaurant under or near Brooklyn Bridge? I’m guessing with my daughter’s fussy eating habits we’ll be eating at non-chain, family run pizza & pasta houses which won’t be so bad if the food is good and they are in different locations around the city. All help and suggestions and advice gratefully received. Regards Andy London, UK. Basically… Since you’re from London, I want to give you any advice – stay out of all Indian restaurants here – you would be so disappointed. Most restaurants offer vegetarian choices, so no matter what kind of restaurant you choose, there will probably be things on the menu that appeal to your daughters. Try a Korean restaurant – there are more than a dozen of them on West 32nd Street between Broadway and Fifth (a block from Macy’s, and right near the Empire State Building, so you’ll be in the neighborhood anyway) – most of them have their menus posted in the window, so you can check items and prices. Oddly, my prized Korean restaurant (it’s a block up on Fifth Avenue) is vegetarian (I’m not). Hangawi – food’s excellent, service is great and its a very pretty comfortable place Eat in Chinatown, but I would avoid the vegetarian restaurants there – they serve “shrimp” made of turnips – tastes like turnips, but they charge you shrimp prices. All the restaurants will have vegetarian choices. My favorites are Fuleen Seafood at 11 Division Street and Sunrise 27, a few doors away at 27 Division Street. But, most of the restaurants there are good. Go to the East Village – there are loads of very good, inexpensive ethnic restaurants – try something you’ve never had before (again – don’t eat the Indian food). Walk up First Avenue and if you haven’t found something that makes your mouth water, come back on Second Avenue. Try a Cuban sandwich – there’s a small restaurant/coffee shop named Havana on Eighth Avenue and 20th Street in Chelsea (or get one to go and split it – it’s ham, pork, cheese, pickles grilled and pressed on Cuban bread – delicious. ) Go to the Chelsea Market on 15th Street and Ninth Avenue – Amy’s Bread’s a great bakery; try Fat Witch Brownies – they mostly have free samples on the counter. This huge building once housed Nabiso and it’s the home of the Oreo cookie. There are shops and restaurants. Upstairs are the studios for the Food Network; it’s not unusual to see these chefs walking around the market. There are places to snack; if you are there for a meal, Buddakan is gorgeous – food’s excellent. There are tapas bars all over – great variety for carnivores and vegetarians (I love Xunta in the East Village on First Avenue and 10th Street. ) Then, if you haven’t eaten to saturation, go for dessert – Chik-a-licious is a dessert restaurant – serving a three course meal; it’s very good Max Brenner on Broadway and East 13th Street has a lot of vegetarian choices and great desserts – it’s a block away from the greatest bookstore I know – The Strand. If any of you love books and bookstores, you will love this place. Try not to eat in the Times Square area. If that’s where you are staying, walk over to Ninth Avenue – there are wonderful restaurants there that don’t cater to tourists and they are much less expensive. Don’t forget to try our pizza. You’re going to have a great trip.

May 10, 2014

Best Restaurants New York City

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. Basically… Top hip restaurants in NYC. Asiate 80 Columbus Cir, New York, NY A plush platform for exacting French-Japanese fusion, 35 floors up. Matsuri 369 W 16th St, New York, NY Creative Japanese cooking at a sceney subterranean space in the Maritime Hotel. La Bottega 88 9TH Ave, New York, NY Brasserie looks and well-executed Italian eats at the Maritime Hotel. Riingo Restaurant 205 E 45th St, New York, NY Japanese-tinged New American at the chic Alex Hotel. Kittichai 60 Thompson St, New York, NY The city’s best Thai in a sultry, alluring dining room hidden deep inside the stylish, refined 60 Thompson Hotel. DB Bistro Moderne 55 W 44th St, New York, NY Daniel Boulud’s casual French bistro is still world-class. Mercer Kitchen 99 Prince St, New York, NY Jean-Georges’ smart French-Mediterranean in an enduringly hip Soho destination. Town 15 W 56th St, New York, NY A hard-to-find foodie mecca for artistic fare with big flavors. cc

May 10, 2014

Melbourne Restaurants

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My friend is having her birthday soon and she is looking for a nice place to celebrate. Are there any restaurants/eateries in Melbourne (anywhere) that are inexpensive and easy to access via public transport. What I found out was – Anywhere on Lygon St (catch tram for Melbourne CBD, only 5 min tram ride). Try Papa Ginos or Cafe Nortuno. Little Bourke St in Melbourne CBD for chinese. Great restaurants and inexpensive. The atmosphere at night is excellent. Try The Shark Finn or Shark Finn INN, the Shark Finn INN is less expensive than the Shark Finn but is just as good, they are located at different locations on the same street). Hardware Lane in the Melbourne CBD is an excellent little lane-way that offers any good restaurants. On a Friday or Saturday evening the lane is buzzing with dinner customers, there are musicians playing music on the street and it is lit up with pretty lights. There are several restaurants to choose from and they are generally inexpensive. Degrave St in the Melbourne CBD is another good lane. It’s similar to something you might experience in France or Italy. It’s very cosy and you have several restaurants to choose from. Very cute at night with fairy lights and musicians playing on the street. Degraves St and Hardware Lane are very similar, Degraves St is across from Flinders St Station and Hardware Lane is on Bourke St further up from the mall.

May 9, 2014

Dublin Restaurants

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Taking a trip in October to Dublin for a couple of nights. Want to go to a really nice romantic restaurant, dim lighting, candles etc. Anyone been to any. What I found out was – You didn’t mention what your budget was. CaféBarDeli ( ) and the Market Bar ( ) are both great value. They’re bustling (the Market Bar especially is quite packed on weekends), but at the same time you can find a quiet corner If you want to spend a little more, you could go for a funky place like Bang Café ( ), The Mermaid ( ), Odessa ( ) or Eden ( ). Now, if you really want to go for the linen tablecloths, you’ll have to spend more again. Number 5 at the Unicorn ( ) is probably just what you’re looking for. You might like the Town Bar and Grill ( ) too. If you want to spend *a lot* more, there are many beautiful fine-dining restaurants where you could drop €200 per person if you wanted to. But if you’d like the experience without re-mortgaging your house, you could try an early menu. Chapter One ( ) has a pre-theatre menu for €35. At L’Ecrivain ( ) and Patrick Guilbaud’s ( ), you can get lunch for the same price. The Tea Room at the Clarence ( ) has lunch and pre-theatre menus. Roly’s Bistro ( ) has a set dinner menu for €42. For more ideas, you should have a look at Georgina Campbell’s Ireland ( ) and at the Bridgestone and The Dubliner guides to the best restaurants: And here’s the list of The Dubliner readers’ favourites: Finally, here’s a website where you can find last-minute special offers:

– Toscana Restaurants in Dublin Ireland have a reputation as one of the top restaurants in Dublin. Established over a decade ago,. . .

May 8, 2014

Bbq Restaurants

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. What I found out was – Daisy May’s BBQ USA Barbecue Quick Bites 623 Eleventh Ave. New York, NY 10036 212-977-1500 The West Side’s best (and only) take-away barbecue stand. More. . Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Barbecue Quick Bites 646 W. 131st St. New York, NY 10027 212-694-1777 RESERVE NOW. Syracuse-based barbecue can compete with Harlem’s best. More. . Max’s Memphis Barbecue Barbecue Quick Bites 136 S. Broadway Red Hook, NY 12571 914-758-6297 More. . Sylvia’s Soul Food 10/20 328 Lenox Ave. New York, NY 10027 212-996-0660 Generously portioned soul food served in a down-home ambience. More. . Tennessee Mountain Barbecue Quick Bites 143 Spring St. New York, NY 10012 212-431-3993 Best barbecue and cornbread outside o’ the hills. More. . Virgil’s Real BBQ Barbecue Quick Bites 152 W. 44th St. New York, NY 10036 212-921-9494 Barbecue 1. Smokin’ Al’s Bay Shore From the Brunswick stew to the hush puppies, this southern BBQ is truly authentic. 2. Famous Dave’s Smithtown 3. Spare Rib Commack 4. R. S. Jones Merrick 5. Spicy’s BBQ Riverhead 6. Eldorado Southern BBQ Centereach 7. Turtle Crossing East Hampton 8. Farmer Bar Cutchogue

Dad’s BBQ is a class act out of Alabama.

May 8, 2014

Best Restaurants London

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I’m seeing my boyfriend for the first time in a few months and want a romantic supper with him. Our budget is around £20 a head, but I want somewhere that feels a little more expensive. Anywhere in London, and any cuisine but Italian or African is fine. Thanks. I was so glad to find this — Sarastro Restaurant in Drury Lane would be my recommendation. This is a very atmospheric place, the decor is most unusual, very flamboyant. The food is good and most reasonable. Mains are around the £15 mark. When you arrive you are given an appetiser, so maybe will not need a starter. These start around £5. There is often live music, varying from swing to opera. We go there to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. I promise, you will not be disappointed. Check out their web site sarastro-restaurant. Com Also, see reviews from other diners on www. Toptable. Co. Uk

May 7, 2014

Italian Restaurant Menu

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I need know some things that are symbolic of Italy but aren’t already used, and I don’t mean the flag. I also need a name for my restaurant as it is a fake menu for a graphic design project. Thanks for the help I am using Indesign to create it all I need is some things to use for imagery and a good Italian name that has a good meaning. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Use Microsoft Publisher to start a menu. I would treat my self to all the good Italian restaurants in my area and just look around at what they did good and bad. Take a pen with paper and make notes. Use all the good and add some of your own ideas and your off and running.

This authentic Italian restaurant, located in Myrtle Beach SC, offers fine Italian dining in an elegant restaurant setting. Call (843) 497-6699 for our daily. . .

May 6, 2014

Seafood Restaurant

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I want it to be near a Bay Area. What I found out was – Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in Boston Nothing is more disappointing than going to an oceanfront restaurant, only to discover that the bland fish you’re eating was frozen between being caught and being served to you. The best seafood is fresh, and prepared in such a way as to accent the natural flavors of the sea without overwhelming them. Some, like raw bar oysters and clams, need nothing more than a sharp knife and skilled hand to unleash the briny seasonings of the sea. The bounty of our oceans and lakes also includes fish, lobster, shrimp, crab, scallop, crayfish and more delectable denizens of the deep. Presented in alphabetical order, here are the top 10 seafood restaurants in Boston. B&G Oysters 550 Tremont St. Boston, MA 02116 617-423-0550 The Daily Catch 2 Northern Ave. Boston, MA 02210 617-772-4400 East Coast Grill 1271 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA 02139 617-491-6568 Jasper White’s Summer Shack 149 Alewife Brook Pwky. Cambridge, MA 02140 617-520-9500 Legal Harborside 270 Northern Ave. Boston, MA 02210 617-477-2900 Neptune Oyster 63 Salem St. Boston, MA 02113 617-742-3474 New Jumbo Seafood(Chinese) 5-9 Hudson St. Boston, MA 02111 617-542-2823 The Oceanaire Seafood Room 40 Court St. Boston, MA 02108 617-742-2277 Oishii Boston (Sushi) 1166 Washington St. Boston, MA 02118 617-482-8868 Turner Fisheries Restaurant & Bar The Westin Copley Place 10 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02116 617-424-7425

Bring your family to Taste of Italy for authentic Italian dishes and Sea foods. The only Restaurant that serves original Italian Food. . .

May 6, 2014

Restaurants In Sacramento

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For my 23rd birthday we are renting a limo and going out for dinner. We will stop at one place for appetizers, another for dinner, and another for desert. What are some good restaurants that we can go to? For appetizers and desert they don’t have to be very nice, but for dinner I want to go to a place that is fairly fancy. Also, this will be on a Tuesday night, and there will be 5-6 people. From what I can tell… Good Friends Restaurant – 62 reviews – Place page maps. Google. Com – 2600 Gateway Oaks Dr # 200, Sacramento – (916) 568-5100 Biba Restaurant – 554 reviews – Place page www. Biba-restaurant. Com – 2801 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento – (916) 455-2422 The Firehouse Restaurant – 537 reviews – Place page www. Firehouseoldsac. Com – 1112 Second Street, Sacramento – (916) 442-4772 Ella Dining Room & Bar – 479 reviews – Place page www. Elladiningroomandbar. Com – 1131 K St, Sacramento – (916) 443-3772 Aioli Bodega Espanola – 290 reviews – Place page aiolibodega. Com – 1800 L Street, Sacramento – (916) 447-9440 Il Fornaio – 313 reviews – Place page www. Ilfornaio. Com – 400 Capitol Mall, Sacramento – (916) 446-4100 Moxie Restaurant – 267 reviews – Place page maps. Google. Com – 2028 H Street, Sacramento – (916) 443-7585

May 5, 2014

Omaha Restaurants

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Hello. I live in Omaha Nebraska, and I want to go out to eat with my family next week. I’m a vegetarian and I’m working on becoming a vegan. So, are there any vegan or vegetarian restaurants here in Omaha? I saw this place online called McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe, have you been there? Is it any good? Can you suggest any other places? Thanks in advance. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. If you are a vegetarian, then it shouldn’t be too hard to find something. My sister-in-in law is one and does not have any problems. (She also eats way too much cheese, fried stuff and other forms of junk “food”. ) Even as a vegan, I find restaurants. Pizza, and Mexican are good ones. I either order a veggie sub with no cheese or a pizza with no cheese and a topping (some restaurants don’t charge to substitute a topping for the cheese) and Mexican, with the beans and vegetables. Sometimes, I go to a restaurant just to see what I can find and am pleasantly surprised. A couple of months ago, my husband and I went to a restaurant we hadn’t been to since January of last year. Then, it did have a unique pasta dish and a veggie wrap that I would alter between ordering. (Really, we went there for the beer list. The meals, instead of sides, were just a bonus. ) Last week, we went to another restaurant that we hadn’t been to in a while. (Both restaurants are in a city about 30 miles from my in-laws’ town, to which we moved last June. ) They also used to have a veggie wrap and bruschetta appetizer that I would get. (We went there, because they had Kentucky Bourbon Ale on tap and poured in the pint glasses and not the snuffers. ) There is also a winery in the basement as well. I digress. Even an Italian restaurant one can get pasta with marinara sauce. (Though it is often overpriced for a plate of pasta and sauce. ) Again, just look at what you are interested in and see if the restaurant has a Website with a menu on it.

May 4, 2014