Buying a home? Here’s Why you Need a Certified Mortgage Broker

With so much free information available online, many people think that it is possible to get a Kelowna mortgage without hiring a certified mortgage advisor. But it is a huge misconception. There are many pieces of advice a broker can give you which you won’t find anywhere else. Even a bank cannot provide you with the lending options your certified Kelowna mortgage advisor will offer. They have access to a hundreds of lenders that have your best interest in mind. Here are the main reasons why you must hire a certified agent.

1. Protection
Certified mortgage consultants will give you several mortgage options and justify why a particular option is suitable for you. If you face the problem by listening to their advice, you can file a complaint and ask for compensation. You will be backed by laws if you go to a certified mortgage advisor.

2. Qualification
Certified mortgage brokers are not just any broker with vague knowledge on mortgage-related issues. To be certified, they had to pass some exams. They had to demonstrate their knowledge to obtain the certification. So, you can trust them and rely on their advice. They will always be at your side and look for what will be best for you. You can get unbiased information from them.

3. Knowledge of the industry
There are strict rules in place to obtain a mortgage. Prospective buyers have to go through thorough checking before knowing whether they are eligible for the mortgage or not. A certified mortgage broker has all the knowledge about these new rules. They know how long it may take to process the mortgage application. They can guide you on a daily basis. They know the ways to process your request faster and without any hassle. They can chase things and exert influence so that your application gets accepted.

4. More options and competitive rates
Certified mortgage brokers can give you more options to choose. They will analyze your financial situation and credit score to find an option that best fits your need and ability. They will shop around for you, compare various options and offer you competitive rates.

5. Saves time
Your mortgage broker will do all the works for you from researching, comparing choices and rates, to negotiating terms with the lenders. They will also fill out and submit papers on behalf of you. They will follow up with the bank and other parties to ensure that the lender processes your application as quickly as possible.

A mortgage broker will do many extra works for you, for example, tell you about insurance options, etc. Best of all, their services are free. Once the mortgage is approved, the lender pays their commission so it does not cost you anything. So, you can be assured that the broker will do their best to get your mortgage application approved. The benefits they provide outweigh the amount you need to spend on hiring them. So, hire a certified Kelowna mortgage advisor today.

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