Nelson, BC – Lots for Sale in the Midst of Nature

If you are a nature lover and happiest when surrounded by trees and the open skies above you, then Nelson, BC, would be one of the most idyllic locations to buy land and build a house. Living in this city of 10,000 people, you can have the best of both worlds by choosing a location that gives you ready access to forest trails and creeks, and is also a stone’s throw from busy Baker street.

Nelson BCThere are a number of lots for sale in Nelson, BC, and a local Realtor will be able to give you a wide range of options to choose from. However, when buying land it is always a good idea to take some basic precautions. Before closing a transaction it is absolutely to necessary to ascertain the state of title to the land by reference to the records in the land title office.

Some of the other points that you need to consider prior to finalising your choice from the lots for sale in Nelson, BC, that your Realtor has shown you are:

  • Who will your new neighbours be? How far from you will they be located? Is the adjoining land occupied or lying vacant? A visit to your prospective neighbour is definitely called for to get first-hand information about the area.
  • Is the land that you are proposing to buy easily accessible in winter and summer? Do the roads get blocked by snow? If the property does get cut off for some time in winter, what is the normal duration of these periods? Your Realtor would be the ideal source for local information and it is best to discuss your questions with him before arriving at your choice from amongst the lots for sale in Nelson, BC.
  • Is the land that you have selected from the lots for sale in Nelson, BC, freehold or leasehold? While buying freehold land will you give you exclusive ownership in perpetuity, leasehold land gives you possession till the expiry of the lease period. Once the lease period expires you will either lose possession or need to renew the lease at a rate to be decided between the owner and you.

As a general rule, leasehold land will be cheaper than freehold land and its value will fall as the lease expiry date approaches. It will also be more difficult to get a mortgage on. The decision you take in deciding between the lots for sale in Nelson, BC, needs to take all these factors into consideration.

Nelson is a beautiful city located in the Selkirk Mountains and close to Kootenay Lake. Residents enjoy their proximity to nature and also have the advantage of living in an acknowledged cultural centre with access to restaurants, caf├ęs, coffee houses and art galleries. A local Realtor can help you select from the lots for sale to enable you to build your ideal home and live in the midst of nature.

June 24, 2015