Baltimore Restaurants

We will be visiting friends for an extended stay in the Greater Baltimore area. What are some really good restaurants that are also kid friendly. Today I found out that… The Cheesecake Factory is really great. The dinners are in the $20. 00 range, but it is so worth it. My best friend and I took my son (2) and my 3 nieces who range in age from 2-6 there. As soon as we got there they put down plates with fruit and little things for them to snack on-this was all free. And when my son dropped a spoon a waiter was right there to pick it up and offer him a new one, they even named him sir. They were awesome. Down by the inner Harbor just about every place is used to children and tourist and would welcome you with open arms. Enjoy your stay in Baltimore. There are a ton of connecting cities, like Columbia that you could also travel to and that have great shopping.

RedFish in Canton and Harvest Table in Locust Point.

June 22, 2014

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