Bank Restaurant

Do corporate parks have the right to prevent vehicular entry into their complexes even if they’ve a public facility such as a Bank Branch or restaurant inside? Talking about Mindspace in Malad (w), Mumbai, which has a Pizza Hut outlet and an ICICI branch (which are also publicized on the respective sites of Pizza Hut and ICICI), but outsider vehicles (vehicles not having a Mindspace tag) are not allowed inside. Is this legally permissible? Referring to vehicular entry inside corporate parks, parking comes much later. From what I can tell… Parking spaces are a premium in big metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc. The rightful owner of all public spaces in a city is the Municipal Corporation of that city. Now, it might so happen that the Municipal Corporation of a city is unable to collect revenue to its fullest potential for some reason or the other. In that case, it might offer the facility to a corporate organisation, which will run the facility, collect revenue and pay an amount concurred upon, to the Municipal Corporation. The corporate organisation that gets to run a public facility is mostly chosen through a system of bids, with the highest bidder getting the chance to run the facility. Since a lot of money is involved, the corporate organisation will try to maximise revenues and thereby its earnings. In its effort to maximise earnings, it might introduce certain rules of its own in connection with running the facility with the approval of the Municipal Corporation. Thus it is not unusual for the facility in your question (Mindspace) to offer restricted parking facilities. If the restrictions imposed are with the approval of the Municipal Corporation, then there’s no illegality on the part of Mindspace. Pizza Hut or ICICI Bank also do not have obligations in this regard, as vehicular parking is not part of any deal offered by these business organisations. There may be banks or restaurants without a public parking space in a mile of the same. However, if there’s any illegality, it is on the part of the Municipal Corporation, which allowed Mindspace to offer conditional parking facilities. The Municipal Laws of the city should be explored to check whether the Municipal Corporation can allow Mindspace to run its business in the way it does. If there’s no problem on that account, then there’s no illegality in what Mindspace is doing.

June 9, 2014