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I’m seeing my boyfriend for the first time in a few months and want a romantic supper with him. Our budget is around £20 a head, but I want somewhere that feels a little more expensive. Anywhere in London, and any cuisine but Italian or African is fine. Thanks. I was so glad to find this — Sarastro Restaurant in Drury Lane would be my recommendation. This is a very atmospheric place, the decor is most unusual, very flamboyant. The food is good and most reasonable. Mains are around the £15 mark. When you arrive you are given an appetiser, so maybe will not need a starter. These start around £5. There is often live music, varying from swing to opera. We go there to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. I promise, you will not be disappointed. Check out their web site sarastro-restaurant. Com Also, see reviews from other diners on www. Toptable. Co. Uk

May 7, 2014

2 thoughts on “Best Restaurants London

  1. Dee Robot

    As an African Italian person I take great offense at your inference that we are not romantic enough for you -or your spoiled little boyfriend!
    I’ll have you know that Africans are the most energetic love makers on this planet, and Italians are the smoothest of movers too!
    And both nations are most generous too -we would NEVER dream of only paying £20 each for a meal and expect that meal to have aphrodisiac qualities too!
    Might I suggest that you buy yourself a rose, and get yourself down to MacDonalds. . .
    . . . Only teasing you! I hope you have a lovely evening! xxx

  2. Depressed Hall

    I do prefer Rhodes 24 in the city.
    but if you often browse all the romantic restaurants available in london then try out clicking this link :

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