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I travel to New York in October for the first time and will stay around Rockefeller Center and would like to know some good restaurants (price does not matter) aroung Midtown, Times Square, Central Park, Broadway theater district, etc. Please help. I think I found an answer. In the TimeWarner building are two of the most expensive New York restaurants – and self Masa – Per Recharges over $ 200 for a vegetarian tasting menu and Masa has a tasting menu for $ 500 – I think it is obscene. I've never eaten one. I do not eat at these restaurants regularly, but I tried these great restaurants: Daniel is superb – yes, it is expensive, but not obscenely so. All restaurants are excellent. Another great leader with more than one restaurant in New York's Jean-Georges Vongerichten – you can not go wrong with one of his restaurants. Mario Batali – Babbo and Del Posto are wonderful. Despite the fact that Otto is very cheap, I do not like it – the desserts are good, but the pasta is not good – and pizza pizza lounge area where I grew up was much better. The Bernadin on 51st and Seventh – fruit paradise sea – one of my favorite restaurants "special occasion" restaurants that I eat regularly and I recommend: My favorite Mexican restaurant Del Valle on Tenth Avenue and 48th Street . It's very simple, spotlessly clean and the authentic cuisine of Puebla, Mexico (near Mexico City) – the food delicious, the portions are large and it is very cheap. (Great seafood soup). Good delicious Italian market restaurants near Union Square: Via Emilia on East 21st Street and Park Avenue. Appetizers are rare and outstanding – gnocco fritto – big plate of Italian meats served with delicious donuts; stalk (not used in too many places) hot biscuits with prosciutto and cheese, wonderful soups, good pasta, the fish is always fresh. Some desserts are outstanding. In the West Village: Da Andrea on Hudson Street and West 11th Street. Excellent pasta – I especially love their clam sauce, too, are stalk, can be very busy on weekends. An excellent cheap burger is Burger & Shakes Island on Ninth Avenue and 51st Street – (burgers – chicken sandwiches $ 6 -. Toppings Good soups, chili, sandwiches -. And good shakes. – Clean, but no atmosphere If you get to Greenwich Village, try The Little Owl (you must have a reservation) I like Jarnac – great food, charming and most charming restaurant owner If you arrive at the Lower East Side, do not try WD-50 Wylie Dufresne is the most innovative chef -. Their food is so rare and so good, it is really unique..

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February 23, 2014