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I’m wondering what any restaurants with great breakfast menus are. From what I can tell… Well, there are the classics such as Denny’s, Ihop, Cracker Barrel, Shoney’s, and and Village Inn and Waffle House. These are all good and super cheap. However, if you want superior brekasfasts, come to these restaurants.. The Waysider — Tuscaloosa, Ala. The lines are long, and the service is perpetually overwhelmed, but the Waysider offers a subtle red-eye gravy and the most straight-up cheese grits in the free world. 1512 Greensboro Avenue; 205-345-8239 Read more: #ixzz0YY8zKjZc Stoby’s — Conway, Ark. The corned-beef hash comes out perfectly round and at least as good. Also, the homemade strawberry preserves for the biscuits come in a squeeze bottle. Somehow, it works. 805 Donaghey Avenue; 501-327-5447, stobys. Com Read more: #ixzz0YY966ZVw Boulette’s Larder — San Francisco, Calif. I always get the perfect seat and don’t have to ask twice for coffee. I don’t know if it was deliberate on their part, but the community table in the open kitchen makes good on its promise by seating 11, so it can’t be all twosomes. The chef is Amaryll Schwertner, who studied neuroscience before turning to cooking. She makes the classics, but she proves that breakfast isn’t routine with preparations that sound fancy but are worshipful of the flavors of breakfast: hot beignets with yogurt and rosemary-scented raspberry sauce; ricotta with coffee-poached dates, pistachios, and sunflower honey; and poached eggs with Dungeness crab, sesame oil, and Japanese sea salt. — Francine Maroukian 1 Ferry Building Marketplace; 415-399-1155, bouletteslarder. Com Read more: #ixzz0YY9C6nVD The Breakfast King — Denver, Colo. The waitresses call the regulars by name, guys like Vic and Lou, as in “No lotto ticket today, Lou?” They come for the country-fried steak, smothered in sausage gravy and so tender you can cut it with your fork. Read more: #ixzz0YY9JzBUq Thumbs Up Diner — Atlanta, Ga. The Heap comes in its own skillet. Spuds. Onions. Cheddar jack. Green peppers. Two eggs. Two slices of bacon. The Heap warms the soul. Especially when you add a quarter bottle of Tabasco. 1617 White Way; 404-768-3776 Read more: #ixzz0YY9S3QRU Hamburg Inn No. 2 — Iowa City, Iowa The original burned down, but the Inn lives on through second-generation owner and professional clown Dave Panther. Dishes like the Hawkeye Hog (eggs, sausage, hash browns, cheese, gravy) exhibit the kind of nasty glory that hones the famous midwestern physique. — Jennifer Wilson 214 North Linn Street; 319-337-5512, hamburginn. Com Read more: #ixzz0YY9XJHUq Ann Sather — Chicago, Ill. Were it not for Ann Sather’s restaurants, I’d know nothing about Swedish cooking. Actually, I still know almost nothing, except that the Swedes evidently like turkey necks. But the only food that matters at Ann Sather is its spectacular cinnamon buns, the size of a baby’s head. They’re the backbone of the business, a local legend, more beloved at Chicago offices than any box of flaccid doughnuts. It is a great and simple truth: This is what happiness is. Sugar. Flour. Spice. And butter. — Ted Allen Four locations in Chicago; annsather. Com Read more: #ixzz0YY9dXrHJ Manny’s — Chicago, Ill. If you know the real Chicago, you know Manny’s Coffee Shop and Deli. You knew it when Jefferson Street and Roosevelt Road were gritty stretches of schmatte shops and dress boutiques southwest of the Loop. Now, if you really know Chicago, you knew Manny’s back when it was Sunny’s, before the Raskin family bought the joint in 1942 and figured they’d save money buying just two letters instead of a whole new sign. If not, no matter. It’s the same as ever, that certain kind of cafeteria-style Jewish deli that will never go out of (or into) style. Fluorescent lights and Formica tables. Cops, tradesmen, and local pols. Plastic trays and blistering-hot coffee. And, of course, great steaming piles of scrambled eggs and potato pancakes. — Ted Allen 1141 South Jefferson Street; 312-939-2855, mannysdeli. Com Read more: #ixzz0YY9hMkSG Those are just a couple.. Mmmm, Breakfast.. Hoep this helped..

Breakfast in Chicago always includes the Ann Sather’s Restaurant. With a Swedish influenced menu, the restaurant serves up freshly baked cinnamon rolls, swed. . .

May 22, 2014

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    Village Inn, Ihop, Summers Kitchen, Amatos, even hyvee has some good stuff

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