Cheap places to eat in New York

Ok, so this summer I'm going to take some friends with me to New York for my 16th birthday and were in Times Square. Need a place to dine thats close to Time Square. As fancy, trendy and upscale, so we can wear cute minidresses. The thought is not a boring and quiet location just a place to hang out and have fun. It can be expensive, but not expensive way of ideas. Do you know what I found? I am not familiar with the area of square of time. Usually there are mostly chain restaurants there and both are super old institutions as Carmine, Frankie and Johnnie Steakhouse are not fashionable. I Love Sushi of Gari but they are quite expensive. My advice would be to check menupages. Com and check to New York and look in the neighborhood west40s times square area. Or visit Zagats because they have a section for something like fashionable places, people watching etc, if my memory is correct.

February 26, 2014

One thought on “Cheap places to eat in New York

  1. Rachel Johnson

    Katz Delicatessen on Houston to Ludlow. Order pastrami on rye, have a pickle and a soda Dr. Brown. Nothing else. You do not have to order anything else.

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