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I’m visiting New York to see my boyfriend in about 2 weeks. However, this will be my first trip to NYC as a vegan and I really don’t know where I should go. My sister and her boyfriend recommend any great restaurants, but they are, however, expensive and that just isn’t our style. I would love suggestions on an inexpensive, vegan restaurant that would be great for lunch or dinner. Preferably something quick with good food. Thanks a bunch, guys. I was so happy to find this — Well my favorite and the one I go too all the time when I am in NYC (so twice so far but friends always rave about) is Red Bamboo, it is pretty decently priced for vegan food: Plus there is a restaurant almost next door (seriously not joking I think it is one restaurant down) named Vegetarians Paradise II (I believe I could be wrong) Plus about a block down is Vegan street food (no joke, I think it is indian food but I could be wrong) There was also sNice which I went too and had a decent sandwich for a good price I would say it is a snice place (pun intended) though don’t get a italian soda, the guy I ordered from didn’t know what it was and didn’t put enough syrup in but everything else was good: Plus you must save any cash and room for HOMEMADE VEGAN BANANA SPLITS WITH HOMEMADE VEGAN ICE CREAM AND TOPPINGS. . Trust me it was an experience beyond words or belief. This place is also good: Here is a good list of places to eat: And here is another: Plus there is an actual guide printed of just vegan restaurants that is pretty thick and I know that Lula’s sold it. I don’t remember the name but it was all vegan and could have been at least 100+ pages (D. C. Has a veg food guide not all vegan and it is like 10 pages and it lists vegetarian places and also places that have veg and vegan options but still serve meat) Have fun in NYC just don’t eat too much (trust me going from red bamboo too Lula’s recently I passed a food co-op a health food store and a vegan bakery plus I believe at least one more vegan restaurant all within about 10 blocks or so plus the VPII near Red Bamboo) NYC is a vegan food paradise.

June 23, 2014

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  1. Dee Dree

    good luck finding anything inexpensive in NYC. I’m sure there are vegan restaurants all over though. Try searching on

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