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I was hoping someone who knew Cleveland could help me. I want a nice, classy within walking distance of the Ritz-Carlton Cleveland restaurant. Thank you so much for the help. Basically … I guess a little what you mean by "chic", but if you mean formal, consider Morton, Lola, Muse, Sans Souci, or the IMO Fire, although the atmosphere at Blue Bridge Grille is very impressive and Hyde Park Grille is a possibility (I've never dined at downtown restaurant). All of these are discussed below. There is a steakhouse Morton in Tower City, just steps from the Ritz-Carlton. On East 4th St., one of the bands dining / entertainment first in the Midwest, Lola Bistro is the flagship restaurant of Iron Chef Michael Symon, named the best chef in the Great Lakes region in 2009 by the James Foundation Beard. It is certainly less than 10 minutes walk from the Ritz-Carlton. Book early to Prhyme mealtimes. The Greenhouse Tavern, 4 East was named one of the best new restaurants in the United States in 2009 by Bon Apptit. Jonathan Sawyer, the chef / owner, has been named one of the best new chefs in the United States in 2010 by Food & Wine magazine. It is more casual than Lola. Chinato is a new Italian restaurant "mod" on East 4th St., which has received excellent reviews. Have not yet been there, but other restaurants of chef / owner Zack Bruell are upscale. Its Bistro L'Albatros in University Circle has been named as one of the best new restaurants in the United States in 2009 by Esquire. Crop Bistro West. 6th St. In the Warehouse District is again less than 10 minutes walk away and is considered one of the most innovative restaurants in Cleveland. Again, reservations several days in advance may be desirable, in many of these restaurants, depending on your desired meal hours. Blue Point Grille is considered by all as the best fish restaurant in Cleveland, but it gets mixed reviews. Mallorca is also appreciated by many. Both are in the Warehouse District. Muse at the Ritz Carlton and Sans Souci at the Renaissance Hotel both are in Tower City and considered among the best in Cleveland. If you want a little adventure, take the fast train to Tower City Shaker Square, where there are several excellent restaurants, including the fire very highly regarded and charm Balaton. A day pass costs $ 5 RTA. The link to the TripAdvisor rankings is below. I do not think they are always accurate (some restaurants have a lot of comments by individual contributors). BTW, in Euclid Ave. 4 East is arcade, one of the architectural jewels of the nation. Worth a visit, but the Euclid Ave. Entry closes early in the evening (maybe 7 p. M.). Enjoy your visit Cleveland.

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March 14, 2014

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    You have a Hyde Park restaurant next to the hotel. Then in the House of Blues ruevous have if you want to see and hear a ouvous have entertainment around the corner on Euclid Ave. The Caddilac Ranch restaurant. . .

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