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Warrants. What I discovered was – Do order the complete guide to Frommer's New York. Provide all information about offers and new articles on dining, hotels and more, attractions, events and more. — The link rated by Frommer restaurant is an exceptional contemporary French cooking Chanterelle Chanterelle Frommer Hours Mon 5:30-23:00, Sat-Tues midi-2: 30pm and 5:30-23:00 Address 2 Harrison Location St Hudson St, Tribeca Metro Transportation: 1, 9 to Franklin St Reservations recommended for advance reservations Phone 212/966-6960 Web site www. Chanterellenyc. Com Price $ 43 fixed price lunch, a la carte lunch from $ 20 – $ 27 3-course prix fixe dinner $ 95, tasting menu $ 115 Credit Cards AE, DC, DISC, MC, V notice Frommer one of the best "special occasion" New York restaurants mainly because, well, they treat you so special here. The dining room is a charmer with daily floral and an interesting collection of modern art. The tables are far enough apart to give guests plenty of privacy, something rare in many restaurants in New York these days. Your server will work with you on your choice, peel items that go best together. The French themed menu is seasonal and changes every few weeks, but a signature dish appears on almost all menus: A wonderful sausages grilled seafood. Cheese lovers should opt for a cheese course – the presentation and selection can not be beat. The wine is superlative, yet expensive. Yet you do not come to Chanterelle for cheap – you just celebrate. Link — Top 5 restaurants rated by Frommer 1. Special price of Chanterelle Frommer: Very Expensive Type of cuisine: French Neighborhood: Tribeca 2. Exceptional prices BLT Steak Frommer: Dear Kitchen: Steaks / Chops Neighborhood: Midtown East & Murray Hill 3. Exceptional price Oceana Seafood Frommer expensive Neighborhood: Midtown East & Murray Hill 4. Aquavit Frommer Special Price: Dear Kitchen: Scandinavian Area: Midtown East & Murray Hill 5. Exceptional prices Frommer Workshop: Dear tyoe Cuisine: French Neighborhood: Times Square and Midtown West For more review of restaurant in New York, see the URL below

March 6, 2014

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  1. J. Raneesh

    Its kind of touristy, but it is an experience. The food is excellent and the restaurant itself is an experience. Not cheap though, and you should make reservations (we went mid week a few months ago and they were required). I also recommend Casa Bella in Little Italy. Its been a few years since I've been there, but I still remember fondly as a part of the best Italian food I've ever had.

  2. Dee Fujiyama180

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