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I want a site where I can find local kosher restaurants, preferably with great discounts. I would be grateful for any help. TIA. I was happy to learn … Here is a downloadable application that can quickly direct you to kosher restaurants, many with discounts. Kosher Restaurants GPS kosher travelers to the United States and Canada. Looking to eliminate the stress of finding a kosher restaurant, a local minyan or mikvah when you are traveling? Introducing the Kosher Restaurants GPS App. First strictly kosher (not from a public database.) The Kosher App is your one-stop solution for all your kosher needs. Updated daily, this app Android projectors hide everything in your area, taking the guesswork out of travel kosher. So if you are looking for "Eat, Daven or Dip," the kosher application is your go-to source for 1000 restaurants, minyanim and mikvahs in North America. The application Kosher Restaurants GPS also highlights offers and discounts offered by local restaurants. Enjoy discounts and see the App will be invaluable. Just show the manager or owner of their discount listed in your APP and they will give you the discount. More and more restaurants are joining all the time. This will save you money. Search by name, address or zip code. Once you find what you are looking for, simply click on the phone icon and check hashgacha. To find places nearby just perform a "near me" search. You can also use this app to find places not in your immediate area. The location can be address, state or zip code.

Airports give you a taste of their city by opening local restaurants in the terminals. More CNN

April 16, 2014