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My father and I are on vacation at the Hyatt in Manhattan in New York for 8 days would like to hear the recommendations of all good Italian first restaurants you recommend to go to Little Italy? Or is there a better or unique place so do not hesitate to give names of other restaurants that are must try to be in New York my father and I like to eat a lot of money is not a problem I would really appreciate your comments thank you phil. And today, I thought … Hey there. Italian cuisine in New York is the best, you do not need to necessarily go to Little Italy to have an awesome experience. My favorite experience – Ai Fiori chic as hell, super expensive, but the food is top quality. The server was so amazing that I really wanted to be his best friend Coffee Fiorilli: Always chic, a little less expensive and just in front of Lincoln Center, which is great if you want to attend a show. The pizza is a must, legendary thin crust. Becco (my favorite): A small hole in the wall cheaper in the theater district, not much buzz, but they have amazing food at a reasonable price fixed price. Their dough is amazing, and you're right Zero Otto Nove square time: So again, pretty hip and happening. The food is excellent and a little more rustic than your Italian typical decent price varies too. Chelsea Ristorante another set in the wall right by Penn Station (it's so awesome for people commuting from jerz / Connecticut), not so much buzz about it, but it's amazing. A sort of more mature stage, but the prices are great they are all the places I went too personally. I've heard great things about carmine, if you are more the style of the rah-rah family, babbo if you want something chic MEGA (always wanted to go). But yeah, hope this helps. Have fun in New York is a great city: D xx Nina

March 15, 2014

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