French restaurant names

One that can draw costumers attention. It's for a school project. After looking around, I learned – often French restaurants are called "Chez" (meaning home), then the owner of the restaurant. But think that every French restaurant has been named as this would be a common stereotype. If it's for a school project you have to be creative. Try to think of something dark but not complete stupid. Near wear I live there is a French restaurant called Cafe Rouge, try to avoid names like that you can tell that just made to "wow" and we make it sound exotic but in reality it is quite dumb, you might call a pub in England, blue pub so why call a restaurant Cafe Rouge French. It would be better if it was something that people remember, therefore, do so it will make people question.

Gordon Ramsey visit French restaurant, Winteringham Fields, and decide on the service. Gordon Ramsay in search of best restaurant in Britain. Top r. . .

April 20, 2014