Gordon Ramsay Restaurant

Question I’m asking for my boyfriend coz he managed to forget his password. Is Gordon Ramsay’s F Word restaurant still open in 2008. & if it is how can you get tickets for it? (I’m guessing he means reservation or whatever but I know nothing about it so I might be wrong). Cheers x. Today I found out that… I presume that he’ll be doing another series later in the year. The restaurant is only open for the show so you couldn’t go tonight for example. Tickets are available from Channel 4 but they’ll only be available just before the show starts and whilst it’s running. If you (or your other half.) love the Ramsey that much, I’d suggest saving any serious pennies up and going to one of his restaurants in London. I’ve never been but if I was minted – I’d totally go..

Indian restaurant, Brilliant, get put to the test by having to serve food in Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant, and impress 20 esteemed guests. Gordon Ramsay in sea. . .

June 20, 2014