Gordon Ramsay restaurant

Does anyone else agree that Ramsay maintains its 3-star restaurant on the ground that promotes the Michelin Guide so. Every item you see in the Michelin Guide is mentioned. Bare in mind the company Michelin aims to make money too if the marketing is the key. Alain Ducasse has his third star michelin taking a few years because he felt himself stretching too, Ramsay has even named a book 3 stars, is that the guide is coming too. Essentially – I personally think Gordon Ramsay maintains popularity through his foul mouth. Michelin stars are also overestimated. I have been to many restaurants that if appointed gourmet critics would never go and ate the most amazing meal.

Indian Restaurant, brilliant, is to test having to serve food in the restaurant Gordon Ramsay, and impress 20 esteemed guests. Gordon Ramsay at sea. .

April 15, 2014