Green Bay Restaurants

Where is the best place t remains in Green Bay? What are must see places, monuments, tourist attractions god, restaurants, etc. Thank you. What I discovered was – microtel hostel is great and affordable if you children. Its surprisingly cheap to stay. There is an indoor water park and hot breakfast. Www. Greenbaymicrotel. Com 3031 Allied Street Green Bay – (920) 338-9000, it is about the same output as the Commercial Green Bay. I stay here every time I go to greenbay. The enclosed garden and olive gold are two great places to eat there and they are on the same output as the hotel and the mall. In greenbay there is a mini amusement park, Bay Beach. It is a Chuckecheese, central resch and field lambeu. Theres soo much to do in greenbay. It is not far from Appleton is, which has a huge mall.

March 25, 2014

One thought on “Green Bay Restaurants

  1. Jasmine XXX

    A Packers game at Lambeau first and only thing I can think of when it comes to Green Bay.

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