Houston Restaurant

Does anyone know the name of the restaurant in downtown Houston that has a tree growing out of it ? It is a little pricey, maybe Italian, but I THINK it’s main feature is a tree that grows right in the middle… And it is sort-of small. ANYONE KNOW WHICH ONE I AM TALKING ABOUT??? It is more of an upscale restaurant, and they have vallet (sp?) parking. And the parking lot is sort of small. It is on a busy street too (MAYBE near the museum). What I found out was – Michelangelo’s Restaurant 307 Westheimer Houston, Texas 77006 Phone 713-524-7836 It’s not in downtown. It is in Montrose, the tree was originally in the front yard. They built out the porch to enlarge the dinning area and surround the tree. Very good Italian food and excellent service. You will need reservations.

June 5, 2014

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  1. A.899

    No, I live in Houston Currently, And I don’t know what restranuant you’re talking about.
    Add more Details.

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