Italian Restaurant

Near my house opened an Italian restaurant, Italian cuisine as it is? It is Italian food. I was so happy to find this – most Italian restaurants in the United States are interpretations of Italian cuisine with local ingredients. How authentic it is depends on specific restaurant. I lived in Italy for the last 12 years – some restaurants in the United States approach than others. If your local restaurant serves pasta with chicken in it, then it is not very authentic, but it is not a bad place to eat. Where I live in Italy things like tortellini in brodo, Tortelli di Zucca con burro e salvia, spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino and tagliatelle with rabbit are fairly common. We have lots of pork dishes and including things like zampone and sausage. Each region of Italy has its own specialties well.

March 9, 2014

One thought on “Italian Restaurant

  1. Andy XXX

    I live in Europe, where Italy est.Mon experience in the United States is that of a restaurant "Italian" can be anything from a place where the food is so good he would most restaurants in Italy to shame, to a place that is nothing more than a pizza takeaway.

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