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AUSTRALIA ONLY. Discussions about KFC restaurant. Back in the early 1990’s australia tv advertice used to named it (KUNTURKEY FRIED CHICKEN) BUT know they seem to named it just K. F. C So im just wondering about the name, Course we are in australia and there is no state named Kunturkey course thats just america state name. So is this full name still exsist in australia ? Or only K. F. C ? The restaurant where they give you fried chickens. I like the name Kunturky fried chicken. Oh though I havn’t heard no one saying that name since 1990′ So all I hear is just Lets go to KFC. Instead the full name kunturky fried chicken. What you think? Australia tv advertce and people talk never say kunturky fried chicken since I recall back in 1990. PLEASE DO NOT spam/link or off topic. I want you to writen writen words to this subject i will give you good best rating for the best answered given good luck. Essentially — Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American franchise, like McDonalds. See There are two reasons the name has changed. The first is that it was too long a name to use for their advertising campaigns. Many companies shortened their name around the same time, when companies saw that advertising and branding were integral to their companies lifespan. K. F. C It is easier to pronounce and advertise on TV and billboard advertising than the full name. The other main reason is that that KFC was losing customers because people saw the word fried in the name and as we know fried food is not healthy for us. A similar thing happened with McDonald’s before they began offering healthy alternatives to their menu. So it was decided to drop the fried from the main heading and introduce a healthy looking menu item the Twister, which is still high in calories, but disguised with salad in a tortilla. Eventually a new generation has embraced KFC believing they are eating more healthy due to the clever ways of advertising which shows the nutritional info and clever wordplay such as using Fresh in the advertising. So far this has worked, however fast food will always be unhealthy due to the high content of sugar, salt and additives that they use.

May 14, 2014

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  1. Mrs Jackson933

    The name was changed by the company several years ago to KFC from Col. Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken

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