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I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend, I want to eat in a good French restaurant somewhere on the Strip for lunch or dinner. Any suggestions on where to go, how was the food, the service, she needed reserves hardcore? I'm looking to spend about $ 60 per person (including meals, drinks, tips, dessert, drink). I think I found an answer. Hmm, honestly, if you are looking for the "best" French restaurant in Las Vegas, $ 60 dollars per person is a fairly limited budget. I recommend Bouchon, which is in the Venetian. This is the chef Thomas Keller, who is arguably the best chef in the world restaurant. Their food is amazing and service is top notch. The standards there just can not be beaten by any other restaurant in Las Vegas. You may run over $ 60 per person if. Another good place would Fleur de Lys, which is owned by the ingenious chef Hubert Keller. The food is fantastic, and points of service. You might be able to eat for about that price. Hmm, maybe try Picasso, owned and operated by Chef Julian Serrano. The food is exquisite. Most of these places, of course, you'll want to call right this moment to try to get reservations. Good luck.

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April 10, 2014

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