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I need help brainstorming marketing strategies for a local restaurant. It is a barbeque motor sports bar. It is not a chain and the whole atmosphere is very friendly. It’s like they want to get to know you not just make a profit. I was happy to learn… Marketing for a local motor sports bar? Hmmmmmmmmm start with passing out a Business card to everyone you meet take the bus, go to races and put one in every windshield wiper. Run an ad in the newspaper opposite the nascar updates but start with a business card and on it offer a 10% discount and hole punch it every time a customer comes in until they get to five times and then produce and pass out to all that come in five or more times a drinkers license for all the regulars. On it have pert info like: favorite sports, teams, athletes, racing teams, drivers, drinks, beers, wines, favorite foods and their picture and gloss coat it in surlyn too. Give them a number and letter combo and no two customers get the same number. They get it after the tenth visit and if they use it they get a 15% discount off an entire bill with unlimited use. . .

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June 3, 2014

3 thoughts on “Local Restaurant Deals

  1. Wizard Jackson

    if they want to know their customers ,why not a loyalty card with a free meal for every 5 mains purchased.

  2. Mindy Dree

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  3. Rachel XXX431

    Punch cards for free meals are nice. That’s one way.

    You can offer free drinks with the purchase of a meal
    You can offer free (or cheaper) appetizers during happy hour

    One restaurant I went to all the time had you fill in cards for your birthday and anniversary. Then every holiday and birthday and anniversary they mailed a card for a buy one/get one (with the purchase of a drink). These coupons were not good on Friday/Saturday but boy did they drive traffic to the restaurant every other day! I got at least one every month for a holiday (Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Labor Day, whatever) or for a birthday.

    You can visit local businesses and offer lunch catering to them for business meetings.

    Car dealerships typically don’t let the sales people off lot on Saturday/Sunday so they cater in food for them. They are always looking for something different, affordable and good eating! And boy will they tip you big if you deliver on time, and hot!

    Good luck to you!

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