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My husband and I will be staying in Nob Hill in San Francisco. We would like to try local food, but not spend a ton. We want to see much of the city (Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.), so suggestions are in are appreciated. After looking around, I learned – If you are Fisherman's Wharf, there is a famous restaurant in San Francisco called Boudin. They make their own sourdough bread, and they are famous for their clam chowder. The bread is higher than if you were to get clam chowder in a pit near quality. It is 160 Jefferson St. If you like Indian food, there is a restaurant in Nob Hill called Darbar restaurant. This is the 1412 Polk St, and it's cheap and deliciously authentic. I strongly recommend to avoid restaurants on Powell Street. These are all very expensive, and the quality of the food is horrible. The only exception could be Blondie pizza, which really damn good pizza surprising for a city tour. If you like sushi, you really should try Sushirrito. I'm not sure you can get something like this anywhere else. This is sushi, but it is as big as a burrito, and incredibly delicious. It is 59 New Montgomery St and is a block just walked off the Montgomery Bart / Muni station. If you want a Vietnamese sandwich solution, you should also definitely go to Saigon Sandwiches has the best Vietnamese sandwiches in the city. It is only two blocks north of the Asian Art Museum 560 Larkin St, so that you can get two sandwiches that are only $ 4 each, then head to the Asian Art Museum and eat on their lawn then see a very cool art after. Saigon Sandwiches also delicious tapioca and they also have mouth-watering pork or chicken rolls with egg inside. For sandwiches I recommend the chicken, meatballs or tofu if you like the pie that they also offer. So you can get chicken + pasta, for example. It only costs $ 1 more I think. Also, if you can not take the heat, get no peppers. If you are visiting the North Beach Italian cafes and places like Coit Tower / Telegraph Hill, which you must see as it is a family of wild parrots that live on the hill, and they are so beautiful and fun to see, but if you go, you should definitely check geleteria Naia, 520 Columbus Ave. Personally, this is my favorite restaurant ice because of their flavor gelato Thai Young coconut, but they also have like 6 different types of chocolate ice cream and 20 different flavors random. Another good place gelato if you do not stop North Beach San Gelato. I really feel bad for the people who live nearby. I'm pretty sure a number of people would literally kill me if they found out that I told people of this region. But it is on 9th Avenue near Irving (1392 9th Avenue is the actual address), and it is this charming district with restaurants and neat shops, this is probably as far as tourist you can get. And it is not convenient to everything. You just take the N Muni as you head towards the ocean, and get off at 9th Ave. After all tasty gelato, you can take the next Muni could be 20 minutes, and keep going down to the ocean for a walk on the fun of the beach. Oh, and they have a lot of fun flavors like Condoleezza Rice Pudding, Cookie Monster, Yoda green tea, lavender honey and my favorite. And if you can not say that I do not really like gelato and ice cream, if you are in the mission, and you want to try something really different, you can not go anywhere, you should Humphry Slocombe try (2790 Harrison St). Their ice cream is so unique. They have flavors like salt and pepper, foie gras, and Guinness Gingerbread. They are all crazy, but worth trying if you want something softer and more "normal" my favorite is the Golden Safron beet sorbet. But they change their ice cream frequently, so you never know what they have to offer, unless you follow on Twitter. And if you're in the mission, you most certainly try all of their local Mexican cuisine. My personal favorites are El Metate (2406 Bryant St) (their vegetarian nachos are out of this world), and dad lote (3409 24th St) for their delicious shrimp burrito and fresh guacamole and chips. But also, I'm from the Midwest so good Mexican food is a little hard to find, so compared to that, almost all Taqueria in the mission where you see most tables will be filled deliciously awesome. I hope I helped. Have fun in San Francisco. This is my favorite city ever.

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April 6, 2014

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