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My friends and I go on a trip to Chicago and are looking for great cheap that will really give us a taste of Chicago restaurants. We are also looking for restaurants near Addison too. Also, if anyone has information about a good restaurant and / or bakery that would be great also Polish. Well, I have your answer. Update: Your budget is not clear – i. E. Your range for cheap. However, here are all the possibilities: * For authentic Chicago fast food (nails, hot dogs, hamburgers, and etc.), see (origin) or Jim Grill Express (), both open 24/7. However, strictly speaking, something Portillo chain restaurants will do (). Also, Superdawg () and Ctes de Robinson () are popular. For deep dish pizza, go to Pizzeria Uno or Due (), Lou Malnati of (), or Gino East (- can write on the walls). Although not being a restaurant, many people like to stop in a Garrett Popcorn (). Also, Billy Goat Tavern is disgusting. View. * If you are planning a trip in late June or early July, you can get a taste of the many restaurants in Chicago Taste of Chicago. View. * During the winter, you can eat at the Park Grill () at Millennium Park (- which is a key place to explore) and ice skating. Moreover, close to the Park Tavern is (). Beyond the above, the population of Chicago is a mixture of several types of people. There are hundreds of restaurants, but here everything you might want to check. * The Grand Lux Cafe () This is the sister restaurant to the Cheesecake Factory. It has an opulent decor, but fun. It is located above Ann Taylor Michigan and Ontario. If you have window seats, you can look down on Michigan Avenue / Magnificent Mile. * Lou Mitchell, as it is a classic place Chicago. Rubbing shoulders with the locals and get free food. View. It is a few blocks from Union Station at 565 W Jackson Blvd. * Another good place in the financial district is Arturo Express (122 S. Canal St. – essentially Canal and Adams St.). They made the best tuna sandwich I had ever eaten. They are fast, quality food at reasonable prices with accents of Chicago. * Tapas is fun – get a variety of typically Spanish food on small plates. Great for sharing in groups. A good place is Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba (). Also, Emilio is another tasty tapas adventure (). * You can try the vegetarian / vegan routes to Chicago Diner () Earwax Cafe (), and Soul Vegetarian East (). * There are many interesting places to eat in Chinatown, plus it's pretty cheap compared to the rest of the city. Get out early (between November 1 and 3 per Mr. M., I think ..) And try any dim sum at one of these spots -. While many people argue about the authenticity of the food, the Phoenix () and three Happiness () are very popular. For more modern Asian, but not necessarily cheap kitchen, see Dragonfly Mandarin (). Russian Tea Time * () * Berghoff – () – the German solid food Zapatista * () is a great place for Mexican food in the South Loop. Nacional 27 is the place to eat, drink, and get your Latin dance on. View. It is not so cheap. Cuatro () and Sangria () have similar vibes. You can eat in the restaurants of chef Rick Bayless -. If you want to eat less, there are many more restore points in the Pilsen neighborhood (). * Caf Spiaggia (and # / cafe / general-info /) to Italian cuisine. * Some eclectic (or just different) spots would. . – Blue Line Club Car (now or Lounge & Grill) in Bucktown / Wicker Park is fabulous. View. – Ed Debevic of the restaurant has 50 feel. () – Kitsch'n River North (comfort food with a varied scenery 70 -) – Ethiopian Diamond (-. Eat with your hands and make sure you try this honey drink) – Icream () in Bucktown / Wicker Park – They freeze the ice cream or yogurt on the spot with liquid nitrogen. Additionally, there are combinations of interesting flavors. – For lovers of soup, it is the Bucktown Soup Cafe () – of Geja Cafe () – fondue and live Flamenco music in Lincoln Park. May be reasonable depending on what you order price. – Medici 57th () in Hyde Park. Enjoy good American food at reasonable prices in a nice artsy building. – Fill noodle Noodle shops Penny (especially the Wicker Park) – Hamburger Mary () in Andersonville, for burgers / sandwiches unique. * In terms of Addison, see. In addition, you can check Rockit Bar & Grill (). * Polish bakeries – you just missed the craze paczki. Despite this, I'm sure you can get all the tracks on Polish spots here -.

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March 29, 2014

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  1. Harpy Terrence634

    Willies is a biker bar with attitude, great barbecue and music. Out near the base Navel

  2. Mandy X1

    You can always go to the back steak house. They have good food and they also have a bar. They have all kinds of food in chicago as potatoes and fries and they can also cook your steak the way you like (they cook it back and others)

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