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What are any cool restaurants in Madison, WI? I’m talking something out of the ordinary; like the HuHot where they make the frozen food you prepared right in front of you. Basically… Ella’s Deli (Where E. Johnson St. Meets E. Washington Ave. ) – Not a bad deli, but definitely worth a visit for the sheer volume of whimsical doo-dads, gimcracks, and thing-a-ma-jigs moving, dinging, and twirling around the palce. Takara (State St. , between Gorham and Johnson)) and Ginzu of Tokyo (Odana Rd. , just off of Gammon Rd. ): You mentioned “food made in front of you”, so these are the places to go for theatrical hibachi. Ian’s Pizza (Frances St. , between University Ave. And Dayton Ave. , or State St. Just off the Captiol square): By far the most original pizza in town, with such options as the Reuben, Chicken Pot Pie, Guacamole Burrito, Chili Cheese Frito, and the hugely popular Mac & Cheese. Yes, all those options I mentioned are PIZZAS. Buraka (State St. , about a block away from the UW Campus): Because how often are you going to get the chance to enjoy East African cuisine? Library Mall Food Carts (at the West end of State St. ): If you’re free during lunch, definitely stop by Library Mall on the east side of the UW campus. Only the carts deemed the Best of the Best get this primo real estate during lunchtime. Hubbard Ave. Diner (Just off Hubbard Ave. And Parmenter St. In Middleton, WI), or Monty’s Blue Plate (Where Atwood Ave. Meets Eastwood Dr. ): Diner atmospheres with over-achieving diner food. Best pie in all of the Madison area (IMHO). Mickie’s Dairy Bar: (On the intersection of Monroe and Regent, across the street from UW’s football stadium) 1950’s diner with the single best breakfast values in terms of pound of food per dollar. Saturday atmosphere is beyond compare. Closes on Mondays, and at 2 PM daily.

A unique Mexican restaurant that delivers flavors by utilizing a variety of chiles and spices not found in your typical mexican restaurant.

May 24, 2014

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    I know there is a lot there, but the reviews on tripadvisor are usually insightful. Below is the page for Madison. The checkboxes up top allow you to narrow your search:

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    Go to restaurant. com and click on Wisconsin. You can buy a discount coupon and check out various menus.

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