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We go to Las Vegas for my birthday 21. Everyone is in their early 20's (over 21 years) and we would be able to easily do things like go to clubs, restaurants and casinos. Which hotel would be easier to move on the main areas of the web? And what is more enjoyable. Basically … Is not in a great location. Mandalay Bay is a pleasant seaside resort and it is on the tape, even if it is at the south end of the strip. There is a free tram that runs from Mandalay to Excalibur, and that puts you in a more active area. You can take a short walk to Monte Carlo and take another tram that goes to Bellagio, which puts you in the heart of the band. So it is not very difficult to move, but Mandalay is really not practical for many other things. Rio is quite nice, and all the rooms are suites, but it is not on the tape, and not really walk to the strip. There is a free shuttle to the strip if Rio. But it will be more difficult to catch shuttles or taxis she would walk to Mandalay or use trams. I choose Mandalay both the location and quality. But there are many other stations before I consider one of them.

February 17, 2014

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  1. Mindi Birdman

    The answer is not as clear, Mandalay Bay offers luxurious standard rooms but Rio all suites. Mandalay Bay as a "beach" so this is a real plus for those who frequently tan Rio has a much better buffet + a buffet of seafood and offers free shuttles to several parts of the band, which is much better than having to fight all the way to the south of the Gaza Strip, which is where you will (at the end) if you stay at Mandalay Bay. Finally, the famous Rio VOODOO lounge which is always worth going to.

  2. TuffGirl XXX

    Mandalay Bay is fabulous tape by 5 other casinos in Rio is not on the strip, beautiful, but not easy to Gaza and two other Bay casinos.Mandalay no choice

  3. Sunna RR

    Is not the ideal location for the center of the strip. However, Mandalay Bay will be closer to other casinos. The Rio is a little out of band. In addition, the Mandalay Bay is more recent than the Rio which means its more enjoyable casino. I think you'd be happier at Mandalay Bay.

  4. Mindy Burbank

    I went to Rio twice and once Mandalay Bay Bay.Mandalay is much better and is on the strip (Las Vegas Blvd.) Rio is a mile off the bande.Le only advantage Rio offers a larger room .

  5. Ursula Raneesh496

    Girls soil Mandalay are warmer and wear less clothing. You can hate me but it's true. In addition, it has a great pool.

  6. Mrs Robot368

    Id keep looking. Even though these parts are cheaper, you end up spending more on taxis. . . I am a promoter for Surrender Nightclub and Encore Beach Club at Encore Hotel in Las Vegas. Let me know if you need help with VIP guestlist or reserve a table while you're in town and I'll take care of vous.Nick PartykaSurrender Nightclub | Encore Beach Club1-763-218-8135nick @ nickpartyka. Net

  7. Ms Nguyen

    Mandalay Bay wins hands down. You know Rio is off the strip right? It is through palm trees and next to the casino in the Gold Coast. MB is next to Luxor, MGM Grand, NYNY, Triopicana casino and the south side of the band. Do not forget pools MB is the killer with the floating river and wave pools and service cabin. For clubs, restaurants and casinos Mo is 100 times better than Rio.

  8. Daytona Jeffs

    I do not go to the RIO, but I stayed at Mandalay Bay and I would say it is more enjoyable. It has a large swimming pool. The only negative about Mandalay Bay would be the location, but it is the kind of soundtrack to one end of the band, a lot of things around. I am from Los Angeles, so I'm a pretty regular viewer Vegas and I prefer to stay closer to the center of the band. My favorites are # 1 Elara (over a longer stay, a lot of bang for your buck. Jacuzzi Full kitchen) very reasonable price, because this is not your typical Vegas has established its located within a mall not a casino. It is non-smoking I like and the price is very good for a large room. Planet Hollywood is attached to it and you would probably be better 1st time Vegas experience here. Great big band center located opposite the new City Center (Aria, Mandarin Oriental and Vdara) which would also be a great option considering you buget.

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