Montreal Restaurants

Does anyone know any Peruvian restaurants in Montreal? Thank you for your help: D. I was so happy to find this – There Villa Wellington Wellington and 2nd Avenue in Verdun (?). (I can never remember what avenue it is.) Should look closely to see the Inca figures on the windows, because the old sign above the restaurant is relic of the past and looks like a sign for an old fashioned " Canadian "family than a Peruvian restaurant. Lol But the food must be good because we always see a lot of looking Peruvian people eat there. 😉 Ah – I found this comment to her: If you decide to try and take the subway, it is easy walking distance of the Wellington exit of the station of the Church. If you exit the metro Wellington, turn right out of the subway station and go approximately 5 blocks. Oh – just found this link which will contain a link to a map of the area. Just click on "map" below the telephone number of the restaurant and it will take you to the map. Hmmm, maybe you should try each of them, then come back and give us your opinion. , D-

Gail Simmons, author, guru food, Top Chef: Just Desserts host and a graduate of McGill University, gives his recommendations for restaurants in Montreal.

April 25, 2014