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What good and inexpensive restaurants in NYC? Something along the lines of Max Brenners or Serendipitys [doesnt have to be chocolate themed. Just any type of food]. After looking around, I learned — I have two favorite restaurants in NYC. The first one is The Stanton Social (99 Stanton Street) on the Lower East Side. It’s pretty trendy and fun. It’s a tapas style restaurant but not specifically Spanish food. This place get pretty expensive because you end up ordering a TON of dishes because they are so small, but the food is amazing and the drinks are great. My favorite inexpensive restaurant is Kefi on the Upper West Side (Columbus Avenue around 85th Street). The entrees are a good size and they are very moderately priced. The cocktails are yummy and the food is to die for. Everything i’ve had there is good. It is a Greek restaurant and some of the dishes sound like they might be strange, but you have to try them because it is all good. Hope this helps….

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June 16, 2014

3 thoughts on “Most Popular Restaurants In Nyc

  1. Terry Raneesh671

    there are two types of restaurant in NYC very expensive and garbage and many of the garbage ones are pretty expensive it’s amazing they stay in business

  2. Terry Nesmith

    You would have to narrow this down a bit. SoHo and the village have good places, but so does all of Manhattan, Most of Brooklyn, and part of Queens.

    If anything, I’d stay away from Staten Island and the Bronx. It really just depends on the type of food and price range you want. Your best bet is to walk around and look at their menus. I also love little italy (it’s by chinatown) and everytime I have eaten there the food has been amazing. I rarely go to the same restaurant twice in any of the buroughs because there are so many new ones to try.

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