Nobu New York

Nobu New York, Nobu 57 or Nobu Next Door? Considering the service, food, and ambiance. Which Nobu would you recommend? If you’ve been to any, tell me about your experience. Well, I have your answer. I went to Nobu Next-Door circa. . 2002? It was quite good, although I was a tad put off by the $4 Coca-Cola. Isn’t that weird? I know the food was fantastic, but all I can remember was spending $16 on soda. I went down, slightly odd hour, knowing there were two restaurants. Tried Nobu — blah blah, wait of whatever time. Tried next-door, come right in. Sat at the sushi bar, and (ok, its coming back) I remember that the chef/waitstaff were VERY willing to talk about the food. This was great by me, because I went there expecting the best, and I wanted to hear an artist tell me how they do it, you know? If you like to talk about the specifics of sushi, Japanese food, ingredients, all of that. . This is the place. Next-door was positioned, at the time, as a sort of less-fussy version of the original, and I’d say that I was quite satisfied. Anyone who claims “X sucks, Y rules” — its not like you can reliably predict who’s even going to be chef-ing on a given day, so its always a bit unpredictable. Like I said, I was at the bar. I was with friends, and we were there with some expectation of an “experience”. I wasn’t disappointed. If you want another recommendation for NYC — Honmura An gets my vote for “best experience” of any Japanese in the city. I feel absolutely secure in recommending it. Not famous for sushi, but I love the location, and you feel like a king walking in there.

May 2, 2014