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Well, I am new to Oxford and I am looking for halal restaurants. Well, I have your answer. Kashmir Halal Tandoori 64 Cowley Road Oxford OX4 1JB, United Kingdom +44 1865 250165 +44 1865 242941 Having eaten at a number of Indian restaurants in Oxford, Halal Kashmir remains one of my firm favorites, serving incredibly good food at a very reasonable price. Starters are not more than 5 each, and are on the sector 4 – 5 mark, the most expensive being a very respectable price of about 8/9. Rice is appprox two pounds, even for the most special varieties. The menu is quite extensive, and there is a good selection of specialties of the house a little more unusual to choose from too. During my last visit, which was out of time in the long term, and spent with my partner, we had Popadoms for a starter, main and I chose the Chicken Marsala with Special Fried Rice, and my partner home Special Byriani vegetables, which was served with fried eggplant and beaten, which was unusual, but delicious. We also had a Peshwari Naan, which was still a very good size and very good. Our total bill for two of us was only 26. All the food was served quickly and beautifully presented, the sector to come up with a small salad. They were perfectly cooked, spicy curries were good measure and are neither too dry nor too wet, unlike many Indian restaurants I visited were not float with oil or other fluorescent color horrible. The rice was not sticky or undercooked, and the naan was delicious and perfectly big enough to share. The interior of the restaurant is not as bad as anything I've eaten at – tablecloths are made of paper, and the restaurant has a spacious feel to it, despite its size. Another attraction of the place for many is the "bring your own" alcohol policy (and hence its popularity with students athletes.). Overall, the Kashmir Halal made for a very enjoyable evening. It may not be the right place for a first date, but this is the place to go if you want a reasonably priced, and good Indian food, and is definitely worth a try at any time during your stay in Oxford.

March 28, 2014

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  1. J. Burbank

    Have you tried e Cowley I know they have a lot of restaurants and takeaways, or perhaps Walton Street? Can not think of anywhere else that could im in oxford tomorrow I will have a look at the path of jr

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