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With the growing business of restaurants and food chains world over, casual dining has also grown in leaps and bounds. The casual dining at Pizza Hut serves you a wide range of pizza at affordable prices to make even simple celebrations grander. What you think about Pizza Hut Restaurant for casual dining? Share your views. And so today I found out that… I miss the Pizza Hut restaurants that have dining rooms. They have all closed in my area. I enjoy the food and sometimes I enjoy going out to eat rather than staying home and ordering take out. In fact the last time I ordered a Pizza Hut pizza I chose the pick up option so I could get a special price. When I was talking with the manager she mentioned the only dining room left open within driving distance of my house. I made a special trip over 8 miles just to visit their lunch buffet and it was excellent. Just the way I remembered it. The salad bar was good. They even had pasta and sandwiches on the menu which take a back seat to pizza at the carry out stores. The only place to get a good pizza in a restaurant these days is the local mom and pop pizzeria. I think Pizza Hut is missing a major opportunity by closing their dining rooms.

May 12, 2014

4 thoughts on “Pizza Restaurant

  1. Lyz Jackson233

    I like Pizza Hut pan pizzas. All the ones around here have closed the dining rooms and do delivery and take out only. I used to enjoy going there for pizza.

  2. Wizard Robot

    Not as good as Muriel’s Meth Hut. Slightly more expensive and the staff are horrible but the goods are well worth it in the end,

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