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Whenever I eat at a fancy restaurant, the plates are huge, and the food covers only a small fraction of it. Why cut food on oversized plates? It seems impossible to me. I was happy to learn … I think in fine dining setting using slightly oversized plates is presented to draw the eyes of their customers to focus on their leader by presenting a dish. If it is in a small plate, the eye will not catch as easily and enjoy it because the dish will seem to be too cluttered and messy. In addition, the plate will be on top of a plate charger, do whatever dish appear in the grandeur and elegance. Last but not least, when the dish is featured in this game in an oversized plate for elegance, it will take time to savor and enjoy food more than a small plate where you packed your food throughout inexpensive Chinese buffet and swallowed it all so quickly without giving justice to the food and the chefs prepare. Of course, you never see these Chinese buffet restaurants serving large plates oversized to prevent you from taking too much and do not appreciate *

March 30, 2014

2 thoughts on “Plates Restaurants

  1. Marcalo Nguyen

    I was also very classy restaurant, but never noticed the plates being great. Food has always been much.

  2. Daytona Burbank

    When I was chief, they began to do early / late 1990s to more than one point of view and make food is the center of attention, he lost his appeal now, I started working in the late 1970s in the hotels we have made the French silver service, large trays, plates separated veg, white gloves, in the room of flames, it is now and get quickly to serve as much as possible, it is now part of the head, if they use the premium or odd shaped plates, it is a signature of there way to cook.

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