Let's say a restaurant. Com I get $ 10 coupon when I spend $ 30. Does that mean once I spend $ 30 I can get us there ($ 40 of food for $ 30) or $ 30 of food for $ 20. Do you know what I found? When you buy a certificate there are restrictions which are detailed before purchase. Example: I buy a $ 25. 00 certificate is good on a purchase of $ 35. 00 or more, excluding alcohol. I go to a restaurant and my bill is $ 40. 00 (with an additional gratuity) the certificate is deducted and the bill presented to me is $ 15. 00. It does not matter what I paid for the certificate, I always use the code and rarely pay more than $ 5. 00 for a certificate. Just look at the one in front of me $ 25. 00 certificate to a steakhouse cost me $ 2. 00. I think restaurant. Com is great, but you should read the restrictions. PLEASE do not forget to TIP correctly if the restaurant does not add the tip please tip on the full amount of the bill and not the reduced amount. Tastes good appetite always better when you get a good deal.

April 11, 2014