Could someone check www. Restaurant. Com and see which restaurants on the list are close to WDW and easy to get to? We want to buy coupons to save money. We’re not eating off-site while we are at the parks but we will before and after we go. You can save 60 percent more by using the promo code APRIL and we need to save all the money we can. What I found out was – It may be easier to give you the zip code so that you can view the restaurant of your choice because there are numerous amounts of restaurants around the Disney area. 32819 zip code for Lake Buena Vista 34746 zip code for the east part of Kissimmee near Disney 34747 zip code for the west part of Kissimmee near Disney

May 1, 2014

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  1. Mandy Hall

    The ZIP code you want to search for is 32830. That’s Walt Disney World’s ZIP code.

    Lake Buena Vista, Reedy Creek, Kissimmee and St. Cloud are all towns near Disney World.

    Good luck.

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