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We want to re-paint and add new decor to our restaurant, so please help…. It is an Asian restaurant for starters. It has wooden chairs with a dark green cushion. The tables are either rectangular or square tables with white tablecloths and glass over it. The tablecloth color can change according to the design. Walls are just blank with a strip of “molding” running across the middle (it looks like crown molding but your the center of your wall not the edges). We also need new colors for the men and women restroom (they are two different rooms). I hope this is good information. I was happy to learn… Choosing a color really depends on what mood you want your restaurant to have. . Do you want people in and out of there fast? Choose red. Do you want people to relax, enjoy their meal and linger over coffee? Choose natural colors such as greige: Here is a link for greige colors (my favorites being stone lion and woodcut) You didn’t mention what color the wood of the chairs are. Are they dark? Light? Can you post a pic of what the restaurant looks like now? That would help. As for the bathrooms, since they are common areas, in design, it is an unwritten rule that common areas have the same (or close) color as other common areas in the place to be designed. Have your bathrooms the same color as the restaurant. Just use something original on the doors to designate which is female and which is male. . How about a geisha on the door for the women? Here are some links for zen decorating, which is good for asian restaurants: I know this pic is small, but it’s my favorite. I really like this one too. this is great. %204. Jpg ‘Asiatique03. Gif Hope this helps you decide. Good luck with your restaurant.

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May 28, 2014

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