Restaurant Decor

I have homework to do , and im rather confused. I need to produce a questionnaire to give to people. This should have what decor and service’s the restaurant should have but I cannot think of any ideas to put down . any help please. Essentially — Decor: For dinner, would you prefer formal or informal decor? Do you like low voltage lighting or a fully lit restaurant? Do you like a candle on your table? Do you prefer a plastic coated menu or paper menus? Do you prefer to sit at a table or a booth? Do you prefer to drink out of glasses or plastic? Do you enjoy outdoor dining? Do you like to hear soft music while you dine or current favorites on the radio? Do you prefer linen napkins or paper napkins? Do you like tablecloths or place matts or neither? Do you like intimate dining? Would you prefer a water or mountain window view? Do you like rustic decor or refined paintings? This should get you started on the decor end of your questionnaire. Good Luck

Mexican Restaurant make over and re-decoration by No Mas. Productions, Atlanta Georgia.

May 22, 2014

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