Restaurant Marketing Ideas

. I think I found an answer. Create samples of your best dishes and take them to people in the street, give them a brochure and directions to the restaurant as they try the food. Lower coupons and / or termination of office menu around your place of business. Offer a "frequent flier" discount to groups of offices that regularly come for lunch price. (Remember their names and comp'ing or adding a free meal during their meal is always a memorable repeaters bring back and get word of mouth going way) Invite influential people in the community to a free tasting chef. Include people of the press, the chamber of commerce. . Your banker, etc. Sponsor local events, many cities / towns have a "Chefs night out" or "Taste of .." which is very popular with gourmets of the city.

March 20, 2014

3 thoughts on “Restaurant Marketing Ideas

  1. Lyz Durham307

    Ones you see all the time. . * Kids eat free with a paying adult. * Buy one sandwich get a free drink * Card Punch. . Buy 10 lunches, get the 11 libre.Pas sure if you are looking for new?

  2. Paulina

    Who are your customers, target market? Watch people already in your place, learn more about them, to make them happy, they will bring you more business. If customers leave happy and satisfied with your seats will be filled fast enough.

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