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My husband has a restaurant and try to find ways to market and promote without spending too much. I know we need to put something, but what we give the best performance? Any ideas are appreciated. Do you know what I found? Get his restaurant on the web – with command line if it is out. There are hundreds of options in this place. Many start sites for free. I am impressed by Menuplicity. Com and simpledine. Com – if there are many, many others. I just left this industry and I can tell you – privately – that staying away from. Contact me via my Yahoo Answers profile. Now – where fish ideas for the here and now: (. I left my search volumes about this with my last employer – if this is the short version) Free Newsletter – Free Restaurant Marketing Bulletin For more articles and ideas on restaurant marketing, as well as updates to the company MGF, enter your e-mail address to our mailing list. We respect your privacy. How to market a restaurant Apply Your Guide to Restauranting. FREE Newsletter. Sign up now. Top 10 Guerilla Tactics ……. ……. Subscribe to the Weekly Report restaurant Email Newsletter There really are dozens of places on the web – with thousands of incedible ideas. The most important ideas are those that relate to your current customers. If you do not keep track of who they are and moving them – you can lose business. You can say that I am passionate about this area. I spent the last four years studying and planning and hoping for a product launch and developed a marketing campaign to beat all. BUT – the boss would not build or complete a business plan or a marketing plan – and the thing is to go to * $ &% ^. I had to leave. As I said – contact me if I just threw a curveball. I will try to install and give you an organized approach. Good luck with that.

Learn how to build a list of your best customers, the most precious and keep customers coming back to your restoration. . .

March 14, 2014

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