Restaurant Notes

Just curious. Thank you. Well, I have your answer. Notes restaurants are not very important to me and my wife, because the rating reflects kind of perspective and taste of the person who has rated it. I like simple food, picnics, things that do not have a lot of sauce, butter, fancy presentations, etc. 5 stars Restaurant notes can be a star for me. It really has to do with your personal taste and what you really like in food. Most cooking shows on television suggest that the recipes that have more butter, the richer taste, etc., is the culinary heaven. Not for me though.

February 19, 2014

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Notes

  1. TuffGirl Eaddy241

    It seems that almost every restaurant has been voted number one for something. Is this true? Well, you do not see restaurants advertising that they are the fifth best restaurant in town or voted the worst restaurant in town. It's all down.

  2. Bright Eyes Terrence

    Everyone buds are so different, what a person really loves another hates, so notes are just as good as the paper they are printed on.

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