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We are going away on a honeymoon in a couple weeks and leaving out of Boston and coming back into Boston on a thursday. We were thinking about going out to a nice dinner or something while we are in Boston that night we come back and maybe crash somewhere cheap. We are from CT and have not seen uch of Boston and we love really good food, any suggestions. I was happy to learn… Well if you’re looking for good Italian food, go to the North End. It’s very romantic. Pretty much every restaurant there is good (there are over 30 of them). I’ve been to Fiore, Strega, Mamma Maria, Massimino’s, etc. They are all delicious. If you ask anyone in Boston where to go for good food, they will say the North End. Top of the Hub has the best view in Boston and good food as well. It’s located at the top of the Prudential Center and overlooks Boston. Sorellina is very good It’s Steak/Italian. Flemings is great for steak. Here’s a list of the top 10 budget hotels from City Search: Have a great trip..

May 26, 2014

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  1. Ursula Eaddy

    WOO HONEYMOON. WOOO BOSTON – I was there a mo ago.
    go to the union restaurant (though not romantic) – good food, oldest restaurant in AMERICA.

    better still, go to “legal seafoods” – VERY GOOD FOOD. GOOD SERVICE. LOVELY ATMOSPHERE. FIND IT.

  2. Kayson Masterson

    The Northend is loaded with small romantic restaurants with fabulous italian food! As far as crashing any place cheap, good luck unless you get out of the city you are unlikely to find anything under $200 a night.

  3. Mrs Raneesh

    Any restaurants in the Copley Square area and there are several hotels Best Western, Copley Square, Hilton and many others

  4. Daytona Dree

    Sel de la Terre is phenomenal You may need to make a reservation if you’re going to go there for dinner, but it is totally worth it. Great location on Long Wharf and it is right on the subway (blue line to aquarium station). And congratulations on getting married. I wish you two a happy life together.

  5. Mary-Kathryn Baghwan


    it’s inside the chinatown in boston.
    ADDRESS: 685 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111

    my favorite dish there is Roti Canai.
    well, its basically a simple appetizer thats extremely delicious. 😀
    the food there isn’t very pricey too.

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