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I want to organize an event with about 15 people, but we need a private room (furthest from the main part of the restaurant, the better, but not required). What places offer this? We want somewhere moderately upscale, with meals costing about $ 25 or more. Essentially – Each of the three restaurants, Piazza Italia (in Brightleaf Square), (Rockwood neighborhood) Nana and Parizade (Erwin Square) offer a private room for small parties. For contact information Parizade see Depending on the menu, dishes range from $ 15-26 Piazza Italia website: According to the menu, dishes range from $ 13-24 Nana's website: According to the menu the fall of 2009, entries are $ 22. 50 – $ 27. 50 www. Nanasdurham. Com I think these three restaurants fall into the moderately upscale category "" in Durham, North Carolina

February 14, 2014

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  1. A. Raneesh

    Discover The Angus Barn, a beautiful upscale steak / chop mod home with a deserved reputation for excellent cuisine and a luxury service reputation. You have a private group dinner many of their components, including their cellar. Truly an unforgettable dinner. Although it is not directly in Durham (It is located near 70S RDU), it really is worth the short drive 70. Just ask. . . Anyone who is anyone knows the barn.

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