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I stayed in Paris for a couple of weeks and would really like to know if anyone could recommend restaurants that I will stay in the 9th district, but certainly do not mind traveling around the city to find restaurants. I am 24 years old and traveling alone so my budget is not huge, I'm basically just a place with a good atmosphere, good food and not too touristy if possible. It is always nice to hear recommendations from locals or people who have spent time in Paris. You can say that most of the food in Paris is good but I want to discover if you have hidden treasures. Thank you. Essentially – the 9th I Like Alsaco. There is a restaurant / bar Alsatian. Very nice. They do not speak English, but it's okay if you do not speak French because they are so nice. They treat you like one of their regulars. One of the best deals to Paris for high quality food. Also, I like Au Petit Riche in the 9th. This is a typical bistro, not hugely expensive, but not not more expensive. Excellent wines of the Loire. In the 4th I love L'Enoteca. It is an Italian restaurant, but not too expensive. The servers are really into wine there. They speak very good English, and Italian and French. In the 4th is also Chez Julien on the Seine. Excellent price for such a location. In the 5th I love Chez Pento, Le Petit Pontoise and La Rotisserie du Beaujolais. Most of these places are really good food.

Souffl-Restaurants Paris 75001 Paris Located Between places Vendme, Madeleine and Concorde Inthe 1st arrondissement of Paris, the Restaurant Le Souffl. . .

April 3, 2014

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