Restaurants in Pittsburgh

What are the best restaurants in Pittsburgh and why. Well, I have your answer here. I lived in Los Angeles, Korea, Germany, Italy, Pittsburgh (currently) Cambridge, MA, and many others. I want to get local food, which is well done, not something I can do at home. And not something that I can get anywhere else, i. E. Bennihana or Ruths Chris. In Pittsburgh, I love that place pierogie McKees Rocks. All persons (or more anyway) are Russia, Poland, Ukraine. And they sell the best home made pierogies. And combo plates that kielbasa. So not something you find in the Michelin guide, but a movement of the shown kitchen which is famous in the region. Also, Thai Nicky on the North Shore. Really well done. Well seasoned. And last, Sushi Kim is on the soundtrack for the weekend all you can eat meat buffet. Done on your own personal grid. Really really good. Better than this Brazilian all you can eat place in Myrtle Beach next to Broadwat beach. Many other places, but if someone even mentions a place in the chain, with all major local seals, just read for laffs, realizing that someone is the string itself.

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April 4, 2014