Restaurants in Pittsburgh

. I was so happy to find this – There are many very good restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. If you want a very good upscale eat my list is as follows: 1. Majorca – fantastic food with a Spanish theme.

2. Monterey Bay Fish Grotto, excellent fresh seafood 3. Great crab cakes 4 – Andora. Monte – French and expensive 5. Grand Concourse – Built in a former railway station – the best Sunday brunch in the atmosphere of the city amazing. Make sure you stop in the Gandy Dancer seal bar.

6. Woodfired of Mantini – steaks, ribs and seafood all cooked over a wood fire. The owner chef has won numerous championships barbecue.

7. Springfield Grill – great food at a very good value.

8. The high-end fashion located in Fox Chapel – Franco.

9. Wexford-classic old style supper club – Carmody. For a more casual meal: 1. Primanti (home of the Pittsburgh Sandwich original) 2. North Park Lounge Group – several places with very good food 3. Log Cabin Inn (Zelienople) high quality at a good price.

4. Rolands – located in the value of sea-band good. Good place to stop after shopping in the neighborhood of the band. Pittsburgh has a large number of families belonging bar / local grills. Southside has all along Carson Street.

February 23, 2014

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    Bandit SouthSide mentioned in his post. He forgot to mention Folino 1719 E. Carson Street. The food is excellent.

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