Restaurants in Sedona

. I think I found an answer. In Phoenix, there is a vegetarian restaurant named "International Vegetarian House." They serve dishes from Asian style Buddhist for most. I ate there when I was in town last fall, but I thought the food was a bit bland, maybe I'm on a bad day. You can also find several vegetarian restaurants in the Middle East around the city, and Whole Foods and Wild Oats. Nearby Tempe, there is a vegetarian Indian restaurant called Udupi Cafe, and a vegetarian restaurant called green. I think there was a Eithopian restaurant there too. In Sedona, there is a vegetarian restaurant called D'lish which primarily serves soups, salads and sandwiches.

Excerpts from an impromptu interview with self sous chef Lisa Dahl on restaurants Dahl & Di Luca and Cucina Rustica in Sedona, Arizona. (Intervie. ..

April 17, 2014